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Hello everyone! I hope your Wednesday is splendid, wherever you are in the world. A very happy Autumn Equinox to those of you in the northern hemisphere, and an equally happy Spring Equinox to those of you in the southern hemisphere!

I haven’t done a “What Mary’s Doing This Week” post in a while, and so now I’m catching up to the two and a half weeks that I’ve been home. I haven’t been very inspired lately, but that’s because my inspiration lies three thousand miles away.

Most of the time was spent rushing around, getting very important things done and tying up some loose ends. This included applying to renew my permanent residency and finally filing for divorce. It’s been very stressful, but it seems like the worst is over until it’s time to get UK immigration under way next year. My heart, soul, and mind have all been very fragile since coming home, and I’ve had to treat myself very gently and kindly. I’ve had to move slowly, eat lots of green things, absorb myself in funny videos and my art, and go for walks in the sunshine. I’ve had to easily forgive myself and shower myself with love. And when the severe anxiety came, I’ve had to calmly put a chokehold on it and tell it to screw off.

I’ve been reconnecting with the girls and with our friends Anthony and Ashley. I’m very excited because Anthony and Ashley are moving into the building next door on October 1st, on the same floor as Liat’s dad! Now they can just take the underground corridors that connect these two buildings, instead of having to drive over here.

Last Wednesday we celebrated Rosh Hashanah at Susie’s (Liat’s mom’s) place. As we ate apple slices dipped in honey, Susie said a little blessing for a sweet new year ahead. All of the food was sweet, and Susie’s cooking never fails to be amazing. It was a happy evening for me in particular, as I seek all the best vibes and blessings for the coming year and pray that it will be as sweet as this last one was.

We were treated to a gorgeous sunset right after dinner…

12027610_10153261122948337_1775461805390672120_nOn Thursday we met up with Susie and went to Value Village. It’s been SO long! No matter what we’re going after, we tend to always get lost in all the amazingness and emerge hours later, blinking at the setting sun and wondering how we were there so long. All the Halloween stuff is up now, which was exciting to look at. I found a couple nice tops, some matching swimwear, and some books including these lovelies:

12046583_10153268624168337_500497003455535729_nSomething about “Boosting Self-Esteem for Dummies” sounds rather mean 😉 It’s very good so far, though! As it turns out, Alora’s therapist wanted her to get the anxiety workbook, so we’re sharing it. Sometimes things (and people) just appear at the right place at the right time…

On Friday we went swimming in our building’s pool. Using a kickboard, I was successful in learning how to float and use my legs, and a little bit more of my water phobia cracked and disintegrated. The water was so warm, too, and very therapeutic on my lower body which was still sore from walking all around London. I tell you, I never want to leave the water once I’m in it!

On Saturday we went with Anthony and Ashley to the Fabricland out in Markham, which is a much bigger location than the one we usually go to on Orfus Road in Toronto. Ashley got fabric to cosplay Rose Quartz from Steven Universe, Liat and Alora finally settled on fabric to make Attack on Titan cloaks, and I found some gorgeous reversible fabric that I’m going to make a couple tops out of!

12006372_10153272652163337_4560054820031292616_nAlora was actually testing this fabric to make sure it was wide enough and long enough for the cloaks, no joke!

This is the fabric I purchased. I got two metres of royal blue/light blue and purple/black, and it’s ridiculously smooth and silky, but not to the point that it will be difficult to sew. I’m excited, you guys!!


After looking at and touching all the gorgeous fabrics, we drove to Pacific Mall which was a surprise on Anthony’s part! There had been a big rainstorm with wind earlier, and it cleared up to reveal woolly clouds, a pale gold evening sun, and a chilly breeze. It was glorious! We were SO happy to be at Pacific Mall, which is the girls’ and my favourite place to go. We enjoyed dinner and then went a little mad at the everything-for-$2 store in the mall’s basement.

On Monday we got in the pool again and I made even more progress. I seem to be able to swim as long as I don’t think about what I’m doing, because as soon as I do that, my mind panics and I flail to pull myself upright. Not fun when there are other people there and they all turn to stare at you as you blush and pretend it never happened.

I’ve been observing Yom Kippur since sundown yesterday, fasting and praying on this day of atonement. Last night we had an unseasoned, “bland” dinner as Susie put it, although it still tasted wonderful. After we began the fast, we got yet another nice sunset! It seems that the sunsets are the most beautiful at this time of year.


Tonight after sundown, Yom Kippur ends with a big feast of a dinner. I’m looking forward to it, and to starting things with a cleaner slate with Spirit.

And every week that passes, every day that passes, and every hour that passes brings me closer to being with my inspiration again.


Love and light,

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