What Mary’s Doing This Week

Hello goddesses!  I hope you’re well, wherever you are in the world.

Here’s what I’ve been doing this week!

I DID end up going back to Beesley’s on my own to have lunch!  It was lovely and I spent some time writing in my journal and enjoying the sunlight filtering in the windows.  I brought my Nikon and took some pics…




11012472_10152877025243337_8862829163437541366_n  11088530_10152877025403337_4771173353114731958_n







Then on Sunday, Jon and I went walking around the village again…


The old church, built in the 14th century, is still used today.18124_10152881836843337_6069874910929036366_n


This mysterious path leads down through fields and woods.  It was too muddy to go down this way, but soon!

10947319_10152881837053337_658599032741233077_nAshby Road


The village pinfold.  Back in the old days, stray livestock used to be held here at the owner’s expense until the owner could pay a fine.


Gorgeous afternoon moon in a break in the clouds!


The old hospital almshouses, built in 1718, currently houses independent little old ladies.

It was grey and drizzly all week.  I went out for walks whenever there was a sunny break in the weather, and I just felt better in general as I continued to slough off the toxins of winter, poor eating habits, and previously poor mental health.  And walking around the village is so nice and calm.  I’m looking forward to talking walks once everything has bloomed and is green!

On Thursday I got to voice chat with my mom, from Whispering Horn, and soonafter with Liat and Alora.   It was wonderful!  I hope to do so again sometime this long weekend.

Today we went with Jon’s brother and his girlfriend up to Sheffield, which is about sixty miles north in Yorkshire.  It was a drizzly, foggy day, but it was still nice to look out at low, rolling green hills and fields, with bigger hills shrouded in the distance.  We even got a peek at Bolsover Castle looming in the mist.   We went to Meadowhall, which is a massive shopping centre.  We had a blast! We had amazing, frothy milkshakes from Millie’s Cookies, browsed the shops, then had dinner at TGI Friday’s.   We got outside to a breathtaking, clearing sky close to sunset, which was a great end to a great day.

I hope all of you have a blessed day tomorrow, no matter what you celebrate!


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