What Mary’s Doing This Week

Hola friends and buddies! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week, wherever you are in the world!

Here’s what I’ve been up to since last week!

Last Friday was monumental.  Not only was it Spring Equinox, but it was also a total solar eclipse.  We experienced 90% totality here in the Midlands, but the Faeroe Islands and Iceland saw 100%.  As it got very dark here, I watched a Livestream feed to see the eclipse happening in Iceland.  It was breathtaking.


I recently learned that English garden centres tend to have little tearooms where you can stop and get a bite or a nice drink while you’re shopping for plants and seeds.  Beesley’s Garden Centre is right behind the house (it can be seen from some of the windows!), so we walked over on Saturday.



Outside, there’s a garden to walk through.  It’s lovely and serene.




And then we found the tearoom!  It was adorable! All done in pastel colours, a theme of spring and gardening, and charmingly mismatched cups and saucers, it was an extremely pleasant and affordable place to go for tea.


Jon had a panini lunch with a pot of tea, and I had cream tea.  Cream tea consists of a pot of tea, and a fruit scone with jam, butter, and cream.  It was wonderful!


It was one of those kinds of places that made my spirit sing!  I plan on going back on my own today.  It’s a good way to combat anxiety, and I think I may buy nice pot of daffodils for our window 🙂

Later, we went to Coalville.  Look at this awesome necklace I picked up at one of the charity shops!


On Sunday we went to Ashby de la Zouch Castle.  The details (and photos!!) on that can be found in yesterday’s blog post: http://goddess-within.me/2015/03/exploring-historic-england-episode-2/.  On the same day, Richard III’s remains were moved in a procession from Leicester University–where the remains were identified–through Bosworth Field, where he was killed, to Leicester Cathedral.  It was very interesting to watch, mostly for part of the procession dressed in clothing from the period and for the 15 century style artwork embroidered onto the cloth draped on his coffin, which was made by one of his descendants.   Whether or not you think he was a murderous usurper or not, it was a very historic event to watch, and it all took place in the city where Jon works!

Flowers are blooming on the trees now…




This week, the sun came out to play on most days, giving us really pretty sunsets.


We also had a random hailstorm.  I’ve heard of these happening, but I come from North America, where I don’t think I’ve ever seen hail outside of a severe thunderstorm.  We just had a big dark cloud hang over the house for a good ten minutes, with hail clacking on the conservatory roof.


Jon subscribed me to this AWESOME magazine!  My next few issues will be arriving with more coloured pencils, markers, gel pens, and storage items for all of them.  I love grown-up colouring; it’s such a destressing process.


It came addressed to Reverend Mary Goodger.  Oh, Jon, you’re such a goof!   LOL


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