What Mary’s Doing This Week

My friends, I am in England.

*Takes deep breath* AAAAHHHHHH.

Now, was that a happy screech, or a deep sigh of satisfaction? Both, my friends!

We left on a chilly Thursday, the sun glinting brightly over ice-glazed snow.  Just two days before we had lost power overnight from that same ice mixing with salt that caused a bunch of transformers to arc and catch fire.  I knew it was going to be mild in England, so I didn’t bother bringing my winter coat, and between going from home to the bus stop, I regretted it even though I was wearing Jon’s fleece!

Our flight that evening was lovely.  It’s so much nicer to travel with someone than to travel alone, and Jon is no exception because he’s a VERY calming presence for my severe anxiety.  I sometimes call him my tranquilizer, haha!

The sun set in a dark rainbow sky as we ascended over the tightly-knit golden lights of Toronto.


We flew across northern New York, across Montreal’s bright lights, through northern Maine and New Brunswick, across snow-covered Anticosti Island and the breaking ice over the Gulf of St. Lawrence, over Newfoundland & Labrador, then out over the cloud-covered Atlantic.  Only the full moon illuminated much of the landscape.  The low clouds over the ocean were soon joined by a silky white mist that blurred the blue-black horizon all the way to Ireland.

The sun began to rise, brightening the sky to blue, then cyan shot with streaks of pale yellow.  The fog cleared, but was then replaced by long ruffles of clouds.  Underneath them, the sky intensified to red, then gold as we landed at Heathrow.


We took the wondrously empty Underground from the airport to King’s Cross, which is about 45 minutes away.  The train soon filled with people and we were happy to have gotten a seat and a place to put our luggage!  We had a few minutes to spare at King’s Cross, so we stopped in to get some breakfast  before boarding the express train to Leicester.  We arrived in just under an hour, and then we made our way home.


(a Brie and grape sandwich? Can I have one EVERY day??)

Going from the snow and cold of Ontario to the green and mild temps of England really threw me for a loop.  I knew it was going to be mild, but I was thrilled by just now nice it was with the sun shining on rolling green fields and trees quickly budding.  There was birdsong everywhere.  Spring is coming fast, whereas it won’t reach Ontario for another two months.

Ravenstone is a village about forty minutes west of Leicester.   There are a couple towns close by and some really neat places to go.  On Saturday we went to Coalville so Jon could show me around, and I got some pretties for my desk to give myself an inspiring environment.  On Sunday we went to Ashby and it was the second day in a row that I got to eat at Wetherspoons, one of my favourite places (if you’re planning on visiting the UK, definitely make sure you go to ‘Spoons! I love their Mexican burger and their all-day brunch!).

485542_10152838021758337_7341709941026788280_nDriving back from Ashby.  I’m not quite used to the right-side driver and left-side driving yet, haha!

I haven’t gotten much sleep because I’m so damned happy.  I wake up with the sunrise, listening to the birds and the wind in the trees.  Sometimes Canada geese go honking overhead, and in the evenings owls screech close by.  I’m happier than I think I’ve ever been in my entire life.

Before this, I feared leaving Canada.  I feared choosing the life that I always visualized, always dearly wanted.  I balked.  There were many tears shed, a lot of small spats, a hell of a lot of me being afraid and stubborn and hating change.  But I knew from my trip last year that I was being guided east.  I knew it, and I feared even then.  But sometimes we don’t think we’re ready when we are.

I’m ready.

I knew I was ready when I silently asked for a sign, and we flew over a place called Caribou in eastern Canada.   Coincidence, or my guide pulling me east?

I’m so excited to share this new life chapter with you as it begins to unfold.

My twin flame and I have been best friends for much of the thirteen years we’ve known each other.  This goes on as spring arrives in England, and my heart is full to bursting.



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