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Hola goddesses!

Whoops, kinda missed a week, didn’t I?  I’m pretty sure I need an alarm set for blogging! Hey, that’s actually a really good idea.   What have I been up to since the 30th?

I’ve been getting ready for Jon to arrive on the 20th.  Holy cow, that’s just next week! AAAAHHHHH!

We met up with a friend we haven’t seen since last summer, and we had a nice evening eating Vietnamese, having bubble tea and playing on the Wii U.  It was wonderful to reconnect, and we did so again this past Saturday at another friend’s annual birthday bash.  Seeing everyone and making new memories made me remember how much I’m going to miss everyone when I’m not here anymore.  But they all walked into my life for a reason, taught me lessons, and continue to teach me love and friendship that I will take with me into my future.

We adventured out to the art store with our friends Ashley and Anthony one snowy Sunday, right before we got smacked with a winter storm (finally, says this snow-happy Canuck!).  I got a nice new roll for my pens and watercolour pencils, and a black paper sketchbook to do gorgeous drawings with my Prismacolours.  Seriously, do a search on Prismacolours on black paper and you’ll see some awesome stuff!


We finally got our snow…



I received these lovely presents from Jon during the week…

This fabulous ear cuff/earring…


(Sorry for the couch clutter! This was when the postman showed up in the morning, before I straightened up ;))

And this gorgeous deer head necklace!


And I worked on my Creating Your Incredible Year guidebooks.  So far, on my list of 100 Things to Do This Year, I’ve happily crossed off the following:

– Finish the mini smashbook I was making for my BFFS

– Buy candles from Bath & Body Works. Hello, Caramel Cayenne and Banana Pudding!

– Visit the Art Gallery of Ontario

– FULLY finish a sketchbook. This has always been a problem of mine: I get bored with a particular sketchbook and never finish it, leaving it half-assed with half-assed sketches.  I filled EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE of this one and I’m so proud of that!

– Try a new cheese.   Like most white chickies, I’m a cheese fanatic.  I got to try Havarti and kashkaval, which were utterly amazing.  Mmmm, cheese.

– Own Setsuma bath stuff from The Body Shop.  A bright, luscious orange scent I’ve always wanted to have.  I find it’s a very goddessy scent that inspires me and wakes me up.

– Try a Flat White.   Yum!

– Mail my biomom’s package out to her.  I’d been meaning to do this for months.  Yes, months.  I’m a GREAT procrastinator.

– Downsize my belongings here in Canada.  I’ve gotten so disconnected to all this material crap I have, and I didn’t like having it like a trail behind me.  I donated and gave away a good 95% of all my crap, and I feel so much better for it.  What I have left is stuff that I love, has special memories, and am using.

– Get a black paper sketchbook.  YEAH!!! So excited to make wonderful art in this!

– Go to Costco.  I’d never been there before, but I used to go to Sam’s Club when my mom had membership when I was a child.  Because I was there with my BFFS and Anthony and Ashley, it was a lot of fun, which you might not expect from a store.  But we know how to have fun no matter where we are!



Love and light,


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  1. Debbie Mitchell says:

    Beautiful post!! Love what Jon sent to you <3 And your accomplishments so far sound fabulous!!! Much love to you my child.

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