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Howdy, everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday, wherever you are in the world.

It’s already almost mid August. The lush green of England is turning slightly brassy, and the rolling fields have ripened to a soft golden-brown that ripples in the breeze. Few birds sing in the morning, there’s a riot of bright flowers in every garden, the sun is setting earlier, and some dry leaves are already falling in the sunlight. The nights are still cool, although they never really got to the point of being warm and balmy at all this year; at least the days are warm and usually sunny.

What I wouldn’t give to be able to already be settled here, the worries and horrible stress of paperwork well behind us, and be looking forward to experiencing my first autumn and winter in England. We could continue to make plans, get excited, and not be afraid of being forced apart. I’d take joy in walking in the fallen leaves and wearing boots and scarves as the days chilled. We’d be spending our first Christmas together. I would remember what it’s like to no longer be afraid and alone, but instead buoyant and looking forward to the future.

Unfortunately, that’s not our fate for the remainder of 2015.

I’ve already begun packing stuff away in my suitcase. We’re booking train tickets as well as a hotel near the airport. We ordered Canadian money, which is now tucked in its plastic envelope next to my passport holder. I’m trying to arrange for a friend to pick me up from Pearson upon my return. We’re trying to fit more fun outings into these precious weeks, and I think both of us are doing a very good job at keeping ourselves held together, however delicately that may be.

All I can do is trust that the right path will open itself for us when and where it’s supposed to, whether that’s in England, or Canada, or somewhere else entirely. We can’t force it, and worrying about it will do exactly nothing (easier said than done though, am I right?). I’m just thankful for Skype and I pray that the coming months will pass quickly.

I’ve been spending time doing art and learning to program with Ruby. I’d been wondering why there seemed to be relatively few female programmers, so I thought, why not become one? 🙂

We spent last weekend at the home of our friends Mark and Julia, who we last saw in Cumbria in July. They live in Birmingham (which is a much shorter train ride than the one to Cumbria, haha), and they have a new chocolate lab puppy named Alba. Jon and I have been brooding for a dog for AGES now, so we were excited to meet her!11825887_10153179108748337_7780216045663991720_nWe got some much-needed dog therapy from this little lady. She loves everyone and she gets rather carried away with it, but she makes people smile! She’s absolutely lovely and her presence has sated Jon and I for now 😉

Over the weekend we ate lots of good food, visited pubs, drank, and had a good time in general. We barbecued on Saturday after a visit to Moseley Private Park with Alba leading the way. It’s a beautiful, quiet park filled with the sounds of ducks and coots while black swans and Canada geese calmly swim around. It’d be nice to live in one of the many houses that look out onto this park! 11811324_10153179107353337_6092803093527183469_n

11855727_10153179107998337_1755163652036462174_nIt was my first time ever seeing a black swan in the flesh (and feathers). There was a mated pair as well as cygnets, for a sign at the entrance of the park warned people to not let dogs off their leashes because the young swans were often out and about in the park meadows, but we only ever saw the adults. This one was swimming along the edge of the water, readily approaching people in anticipation of receiving food. I didn’t have anything for this fellow, but he/she posed quite nicely for me!11061677_10153179107048337_8408415806304451144_nAlba cautiously explored the edge of the water and curiously looked out at the birds, but she was uncertain and didn’t try to venture much further than getting her paws wet.11863492_10153179107428337_2226330014913065380_nWe settled in one of the meadows, which sloped toward the water, and we all laid down and relaxed for a while with Alba running around us and playing fetch. Sitting in the shade and the breeze and feeling grass and earth beneath me was wonderful, even therapeutic. This was my view from where I was lying down:11863458_10153179108323337_6246202538245738025_nAnd here’s a candid photo of Jon and I with Alba! Yikes, what happened to my face? Haha…11822617_10100713769728777_5334269152535474359_nOn Sunday we visited another lovely park, this one with ponds and running streams. Alba was still nervous around the water; we eventually got her into one of the streams, but she seemed more than happy to get back on dry land and shake herself from here to kingdom come! 😉

Later, the lads were helping Mark clean out one of the outbuildings attached to the house, as it was never cleared by its previous owners and was full of bemused cellar spiders. They unearthed strange objects, including a brand-new child’s bike helmet with an attached receipt dated 1992! So what do three men do with a bike helmet, some foam tubing, and a strange 2D rose made from foam?
11227030_10153180779448337_645212535103877158_nThat’s what.

And then Alba came outside to see what all the commotion was about, and she decided to get in on the action by leaping around trying to catch the foam “swords”!
11822473_10153180779468337_2572273049549525404_nAnd poof, the weekend was soon over, and Jon and I were back at home.

Yesterday evening we, along with Jon’s brother and sister, went for cocktails at The Vine in Ashby. I’d never been to The Vine before, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to walk into a very pretty, classy place! We had very creamy drinks; mine was a peaches & cream martini, and it was super-sweet but just glorious! They do 2 for 1 cocktails on Thursdays along with a bit of a classy dress code, so I think that’s what we’ll end up doing then. I do love dressing up!

That’s all for today, lovelies 🙂 Have a good’un!


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