What Mary’s Doing This Week

Howdy, goddesses!

This week I’ve been concentrating on my Incredible Year workbooks.   It’s become my daily routine.  I wake up every morning, open the curtains, do my business, make a cup of coffee in my favourite mug, then sit down with my laptop and wonderful quiet time with the winter sunshine pouring in the windows.

Then I work on some of the things I plan on getting done this year, both creatively and for my business. I also meditate to ground my mind and connect to Spirit.  If my workspace is cluttered, I take 60 seconds to organize it.

One thing I wanted to do this year was to work more with watercolours.  Here’s a few things I’ve done this week! Aren’t they cuties? Not too terrible, although they still need highlights on their clothing and hair with a white pen or some paint!





I’ve never felt so centered as I have when working on art.   Time to make more! LOTS MORE!!!

I’m also getting ready for Jon’s arrival in three weeks, and for my upcoming trip to England.  I just bought these adorable craft organizers at the dollar store, and they’re perfect for storing the jewellery I’m bringing!



More next week, lovelies!


Love and light,




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