What Mary’s Doing This Week

Hello all, and happy weekend! I hope you’re doing well, whatever you’re getting up to!

It’s gotten a little chilly here again. I was expecting warm, balmy summer nights, and instead we’ve been shivering in sweaters and jackets as it pours rain. Sometimes I can even see my breath. But I suppose that’s British weather for you! To be honest, it’s quite a relief compared to how hot Toronto and Virginia both get at this time of year. I prefer to not be sweating to death.

Sunday was the christening of Jon’s newest cousin, Liam. It was a lovely service and after party, and while I don’t normally set foot inside churches, this old building had quite an understated beauty. And Liam was adorable (although not enough to tempt me to have one of my own). 😉

Last night, Jon’s aunt Angela held a ladies night at her house in Ibstock. She used to own a pub in town, and now has a large shed out back that she’s transformed into a marvelous mini pub. First she prepared an awesome buffet style dinner of beef chili and rice, lasagna, salad, potato wedges, garlic bread, chicken goujons, along with appetizers like nuts and tortillas with dip. For dessert she’d made a gorgeous lemon tart, chocolate cherry brownie cakes, and something else that I can’t quite remember (I may have had a couple glasses of wine at this point already).

After it stopped chucking down rain and more lady guests arrived, we went out to the shed pub and had a big blast with music, booze, and some of the leftover appetizers and desserts. There was a LOT of drinking, a LOT of laughing, and a lot of fun. Jon’s aunts, cousins, nan, sister, and mum were all there, along with our friend Lucinda (who, to clarify, is Jon’s brother’s lady) and some of Angela’s work friends. All in all, fourteen lovely ladies having one hell of a time.

11753730_10153148938423337_8499944547047839231_nSo today I’m working on a Christmas gift for Alora. It’s very early, I know, but I was in B&M last week and saw this gorgeous chunky yarn for really cheap! I’d wanted black and purple for her as purple is her favourite colour, but she does wear a lot of black and red and so I bought a black and red gradient instead 🙂 The self striping it does is really neat!
11752554_10153149111488337_155628298338693634_nThere’s never any harm in getting some gifts done early, after all 😉

Now it’s time to get more reading and art done. I’ve been trying to do some writing as well, getting first chapters and some outlines done to motivate myself. I also want to start doing some reviews here on the blog, so look for my first one soon!


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