What Mary’s Doing This Week

Hello everyone! Happy happy Friday, wherever you are in the world!

Here’s what I’ve been up to since the trip to Cumbria…

I dyed my hair! LE GASP!!! I went ombre, following Youtube tutorials and making sure to move slowly and carefully. I bought a tinting bowl and brush to apply the dye far more thoroughly and with more control than if I used the supplied bottle. I used Schwarzkopf Live dyes in Red Passion and Absolute Platinum. I dyed the top third of my head in the red, made myself a foil cap to keep the heat in, and looked quite silly as I sat there for a half hour. After that was washed out and dried, I applied hair bleach to the bottom third of my hair and blended it upwards into the start of the red, doing small tendrils at a time and wrapping them in foil. More sitting and waiting, and looking like a windchime, before I washed it out and revealed gorgeous red-blonde locks.

I know you’re supposed to use a toner to eliminate the red and make the blonde look more ashy, but I found it matched well with Red Passion, so I’ve left it! And I LOVE IT!


What else? I’ve been crocheting very, very slowly. I’m not sure why I haven’t been at all motivated to work on anything, but I did get a tea cosy finished using the star stitch, which I’d just learned.


It’s not perfect and the button I chose is rather large, but it might be fine! *Clears throat*

There’s also a matching potholder and a mug hug, the latter of which I’m currently working on.

On Sunday we went to the Ashby Show, an agricultural fair close by in Heather, at Cattows Farm. It was an absolutely lovely warm day that smelled of hay, horses, and hot food. Sounds of laughter, whinnies, lowing cows and of children’s rides filled the summer air. There was a horse show, tents with shopping, crafts, small livestock and fowl, classic cars, and more.

I got to meet this ribbon-winning beauty after her go in the horse show. She belongs to my friend Lucinda’s sister. 11665664_10153119220543337_9012470919352307628_n

And now, for pics around the fair!




I love highland cattle! 🙂 Unfortunately, we got here after the sheep and the draft horses had already been shown.





Runaway cow! She tried to make a break for it, then grew uncertain and kept coming back to check on her calm friend to the left. Many of the cows were uneasy, and another one had bolted earlier and ran straight in front of the line of draft horses, startling them so that they half-reared in a long wave, just like fans at a sports stadium!


This fellow was very curious and chatty! Its voice was very quiet compared to the cockerels shouting throughout the fowl tent.


There were so many nice breeds of chickens. It got me excited for the future, where I plan on owning some laying hens.

11698570_10153119220188337_738187449583894979_nHey, why is my car in the classics display? Who gave them permission? Yeah, yeah, I know, just kidding.


Riding in the back
Oozing down the street
Waving to the girls
Spending all my money
On a Saturday night!

Oh dear. Well, I’m just glad you can’t hear me sing, anyway.

Last up was the Shetland Pony Grand National!



Overall, it was enjoyable. I’m a big fan of agricultural shows and country fairs. I used to go to country fairs every year in Ontario, and perhaps I’ll get to go again this autumn. 🙂

Our Oculus Rift finally arrived, on my birthday no less. I was so excited for Jon to get home from work so we could play with the virtual reality headset. After Jon did some calibrating and testing things out, much to his stomach’s dismay, we played. We got so dizzy on ridiculously realistic roller coasters and trips through the solar system, which probably wasn’t the greatest idea as we had just had pizza, as per my traditional birthday dinner request. Urgh.


Then we went on one of our usual late-night Tesco runs, and Jon got me a big bottle of Baileys along with some sweet summer cocktails. Since he was unable to get my birthday off, he had Thursday off and we spent half of it at Cattows Farm, picking strawberries and having a really nice lunch in the tearoom. I had wanted to have a fancy afternoon tea there, but I discovered people have to pre-book those, so we didn’t get to. But a good sandwich and pot of tea were great, and so was strawberry picking! It was the first time I’d ever been, and even though both legs got zapped by stinging nettles, I mostly ignored the burning pain and filled my basket with bright red berries.



 I also purchased some apple & lavender jelly and a lovely elderflower & rose pressé at the farm shop!


This was after a large amount of berries had already been eaten. They’d been piled up to the top of the handle!

So that’s what’s been going on here, possums. How has your week been?


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