What Mary’s Doing This Week

Another very happy Friday to you all, wherever you are in the world!

Sunday was a really fun day for me, because I got to go to my first car boot sale! I went with Elaine, Yvonne, and Nanny Pat as early as we could go. All three ladies, who are experienced in car boots, frowned at the small size of the Measham Car Boot and said they didn’t expect it to be much good. It had rained hard the day before, and we had a rain warning up and everything, so I suppose many sellers thought that the grounds would be too wet. But the grounds were totally dry!

I found so many lovely things, and had one hell of a fun time looking around in the cool Sunday sunlight. We met some lovely people and shared laughs and conversation with them, and overall it was a great day. Here are my finds…


LOVE these necklaces! 50p for both!


Awesome chunky bracelet: 20p


Awesome  necklace & bracelet set: 75p


Benefit products: 4 for £10


Lavender & ginger soap: 50p  Mini incense set: 75p


Yes, this is a My Little Pony! I used to be an avid collector, and had a big ol’ soft spot for these 90s-early 2000s ponies that were common throughout Europe. But the cost of these particular ponies was enough to put me off of them… until I found this fella at the carboot! He’s missing his wings and has a mane cut and paint missing from his horn, but he was £1 and I couldn’t pass up. This guy tends to go for quite a bit more in the pony community! I used to customize and restore ponies as well, so I’ll have no problem giving him a new mane and fixing his horn.


Scarf: 20p … Cushions: £1 for both. The star has a stain on it, but I plan on getting that out.

Not pictured: From the lady’s setup where I got the cushions and the charm jewellery set, I also got a nice top and a soft, plum flyaway cardigan for 50p each! Actually, you can see the top in the background of my photo of the unicorn!

All the sellers started packing up at noon, and we all sat down with hot dogs to rest, recharge, and bask in the thrill of the car boot. Across from us, the jacket potato truck was closing up, and the guy who ran it approached us and asked us if we wanted all these cooked jacket potatoes that hadn’t sold. Yvonne bought the whole thing for £2!


Afterwards, we headed out to Angela’s house for a big family lunch, and we enjoyed these potatoes with baked beans and cheese (amongst other goodies on the side)!

The week has been mostly quiet, and full of long walks with everyone green and supple around me:


And beautiful late nights where the sky was still dark blue at nearly midnight…


And Jon’s been working from home most of this week because his IBS has been flaring up terribly. I don’t exactly hate him being home 😉 I try not to distract him while he’s working, but I appreciate his presence in the room with me.

We’ve begun to delve into the research it will take to apply for a fiancee visa to the UK next year, and it’s a little daunting. Wait, a little? More like a LOT. Panic inducing, stressing, making me experience severe pain in my stomach. But thankfully I found this AWESOME immigration site, www.expatforum.com, and the experienced people there create a vast wealth of information for me, and I’m starting to feel a lot better about it. I guess I really can’t avoid the natural stress and worry of immigrating to another country, can I? It takes a special kind of emotional toll that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

More soon, my friends! 🙂 Have a wonderful Solstice weekend, and as the expanding seasons of night begin, may they be full of love and soul-FULL light.

Love and light,

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