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Another happy Friday to you all, wherever you are in the world! Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

Saturday was Fake Festival in Ashby, which was a music festival consisting of cover bands. Jon’s brother, Matt, was there playing with his Kings of Leon tribute band, The Four Kicks. Matt had given us free tickets and drink tokens for us, and it was quite fun even though we missed him playing! On Sunday we went to the Leicester Riverside Festival with our friends. It was a hot day, and pleasant, and I enjoyed it even though my feet blistered. We went out to eat afterwards,

From Monday to Wednesday, we had men here replacing the old windows with new ones. So much noise and chaos! I loved the old brown windows, but these are quite modern and pretty.

Our room before:


And after:


On Tuesday, I ventured out with Elaine, her sister Angela, and their mother, Pat, to go to a couple garden centres. I love seeing new places, whatever they are, and it helps to have good company along the way. Before we got there, however, Angela got the idea to have me see Whitemoors, an antiques and crafting centre in the medieval village of Shenton. Driving along the country roads was fantastic. Everything is so lush and green now, the curving narrow roadsides ribboned with white and yellow blooms and fat wild brush that half-hide the horses, calved cows, and sheared sheep in the rolling pastures beyond. There were many beautiful houses, all very English and the kind I used to only see in tv shows and peaceful travel photos. Oaks towered roadside, and there were wondrous puffy clouds in the sky. We passed by Bosworth Battlefield, where King Richard III took his last stand and was killed centuries ago.

Whitemoors was fantastic. It’s within a series of restored buildings, some of which date back centuries. There are landscaped Victorian gardens that follow the River Tweed, although we didn’t take a stroll through them. But seeing all the awesome antiques and vintage things, as well as modern crafts, was great! I LOVE stuff like this and always wonder about the history of the beautiful furniture, trinkets, and jewellery. There was a dilapidated, seemingly ancient piano with wooden keys outside. Sets of bright-green glass dressing table accessories, which had beautiful Art Deco angles and designs, from the 1930s. Heavy wooden furniture, the kind that could easily be passed down to several more generations with the kind of quality it all had. Endless trinkets, sparkling brooches and earrings, delicate bone china cups and saucers, all whispering stories from the past.

A few things caught my eye, including the aforementioned green glass stuff, but I wasn’t in the mood for spending a lot. I did snag this cute little trinket box for £3!

After Whitemoors, we continued on to the garden centres. The big one we went to was a whole shopping centre, which had places like Peacocks and The Works built in. I absolutely love The Works, and I grabbed a couple cheap crafting items as well as these two AWESOME cookbooks for £2 each:


It’s a good thing to build our kitchen repertoire! It makes me excited for the future when we have our own place. But I’ll be using them before then, unlike the kitchen items we’ve been slowly collecting and putting away in the wardrobe or wherever they’ll fit (a flatware set, aluminum pots and pans, a food processor/blender/juicer, and now a black microwave from Jon’s nan Grace, whose house was being cleared out as she is in a home now).

After that, we headed to another of Jon’s aunt’s, Yvonne’s, for a drink. I had kitty therapy and admired her huge, gorgeous green + white kitchen and extensive fairytale garden (no pics, unfortunately) before we headed home.

Wednesday morning Elaine and I met up with Angela again to take a long, energetic walk in Sence Valley. I hadn’t been there since early April, and it’s even more beautiful now with everything fully green! After we panted and sweated our way back up the winding hill to the carpark, we went to Cattows Farm in Heather (that’s pronounced Hee-thur!) for cake and coffee. Well, Angela had cake and coffee, I had cream tea, and Elaine had a latte. It was a lovely time, sitting in the corner of the cafe, looking out upon miles and miles of gently rolling countryside where you could see distant church spires from different villages, forests, pastures, early crops, all fading into hazy blue on the horizon.

That evening Jon, his sister, and I met up with friends for the usual Wednesday night shenanigans. We went bowling in Leicester, followed by dinner at Bella Italia. I’d never been bowling before, so as a newbie I had the barriers up as I learned how, and I had so much fun. I even won the game, although I don’t think it counts since nobody else had the barriers up 😉 I did, however, make a strike without touching them even once, so there!

Our shenanigans always include really goofy things that make me laugh until my head hurts. Just things like forming a convoy in the vehicles and circling a parked friend over and over, or blasting love ballads at each other as we drive away, or having chaotic double-board Monopoly games, or other such hysterical things that will really stick in my memory for the rest of my life. I live for things like this, and I’m thankful for Wednesday nights!

And today I went to Wetherspoons in Ashby for a nice fish & chips lunch with Jon’s parents, his sister, his nan, and Angela. We made it home before the rain started, and now it’s a calm and relaxed Friday evening with pjs, the smell and sound of rain, and tea.

It’s going to be a good weekend, goddesses. I hope yours is, too!


Love and light,

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