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Happy Saturday, friends! I hope you’re having a great weekend, wherever you are in the world. It’s a bank holiday here, so Jon gets another lovely long weekend (with me… aaahh!). The weather is warm and humid, although cloudy. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately!

The sun is rising very early and setting so late. I love these incredibly long hours of daylight, where the sky is still a little bit cyan to the west after 10pm. On the other hand, the sky getting light at 4am is quite interesting–and a little frustrating–when I’ve got a spell of insomnia.

sunriseeeeOne day last week, Jon was unwell and was working from home. It was a gorgeous, warm day, and we celebrated the little things by going to Beesley’s again for lunch. I didn’t even realize I hadn’t been there in almost two months.teaaaa

Another gorgeous rainbow showed up one evening, right in the same spot the last one did! I think the last one I’ve seen that was that bright was one evening in Switzerland, when we were down in our hotel’s dining room enjoying a good dinner when the rain clouds finally parted and a vivid rainbow arced over the entire village of Wengen. Ahh, that was a good memory 🙂


I’ve been working harder at trying to lose weight. I’ve found that if I make small weekly goals for myself, I’m far more likely to stick with them than if I make big monthly goals. So for ten days I wrote down that I would daily do a small series of ab exercises, gentle knee stretches to help with the pain I often experience in them now, drink a predetermined amount of water, and make as many smart food choices as I could.

I was quite naughty though and couldn’t resist this amazing popcorn from Tesco. Love it!


This Friday and Saturday I spent bonding with Jon’s mum. On Friday she and I went to Loughborough to an awesome series of shops that included charity shops as far as the eye could see, stores I love that are CHEAP (and I am NOT afraid to admit that!), and a central outdoor market that is apparently much, much larger on other days of the week. Elaine was disappointed that the big market wasn’t around, but I didn’t mind. We had fun anyway, and it was great to shop with a lady who loves bargains as much as I do! I ended up with a few things, including bright pink shoes and a lovely navy blue dress with peasant sleeves and a pattern of tiny white, yellow and orange swallows all over it. By the time we were done, about three hours later, we were exhausted and sweaty. Exciting times… haha!!

Elaine and her spry mother, Pat, have a Saturday tradition of visiting the little market and surrounding bargain shops in Coalville. I went with them this week for the first time, and I enjoyed it. They led me to a man at the market who sells overstock or discontinued clothing for rock-bottom prices. While these ladies have been going to him almost every week for years, he seemed charmed by my accent and the story of why I came to England and how I love it so much, and he gave me everything for £2 each, adding up to £12 for one hell of a great haul. Elaine and Pat couldn’t get over it because he always charges them £3 per garment… Hooray for special treatment!

I watched my first Eurovision last night! It was a lot of fun listening to all the finalists, rooting for my favourites, all while enjoying snacks and quality time with Jon. CONGRATULATIONS, SWEDEN!!!! What a beauty of a job well done!!!

I’ve also been working on some arty bits. They wile away my afternoons as I drink lots of tea and listen to good music. What will they be? Goodness knows, really 😉

PAAAINNTTPart of future works and stuff for the blog?

I have more finished art to show you, which will be in another post this week! I can’t wait, you guys! I’m still a novice with these Spectrum Noir markers, but I’m having so much fun with them and making little improvements every time I draw something new.

Love and all kinds of happy weirdness from jolly old England,


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