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Happy Friday, everyone! I hope your weekend is beginning wonderfully, wherever you are in the world! Here’s what I’ve been up to all week! As always, prepare for a messy combination of DSLR and iPod photos!

Well, first off, THE SITE IS UPDATED! Wahoo!!! I finally found a style I liked for Goddess Within, something simple yet lovely with decent customization options. Folks, this might just mean I’m actually learning WordPress. YEGODS. I’m even more inspired to create! I still need to work on the Portfolio page because it’s all wonky, but other than that it’s looking quite good if I do say so myself! Many thanks to Jon for helping me out 😉

Last Sunday, there was a St. George’s festival in Ravenstone’s village green. It was small, but lovely. There were booths, games, reenactments, a WWII jet flyover, a birds-of-prey viewing and demonstration, a hog roast, a tea and cakes tent, sweets and other good food, and a raffle. It was a nice day while the sun was out, but whenever a cloud passed over, it got quite chilly! We still got sunburned, though.










This lady hooded vulture? I got to feed her during the demonstration!



One could get photos taken with a bird of prey on your arm, and I chose this Eurasian eagle owl named Scruff. He was utterly massive but felt weightless on my arm, and although he yelled in my face a couple times, he was very calm and happy to be there! The cost of the photo went right to the care of the birds, who are in a private collection and who are loved very dearly. The man who had brought them and demonstrated them said that he had been working with birds of prey for sixty years, and his love, respect, and reverence for these amazing creatures showed in every single way he interacted with them.


My picture with Scruff. I REALLY NEED TO JUST SCAN IT, OKAY? Procrastination Station, next stop!

Later, we went with friends to Loughborough to have some drinks before Jon, his brother and I went to Wetherspoons for dinner. Yay Toblerone martinis! Wow!! The week that followed was very quiet and uneventful, with me working on Goddess Within and lying in wait for the bank holiday weekend to begin. Having an extra whole day with Jon is glorious.

I did receive an AWESOME Groupon deal early this week. I’m a huge fan of the site and have been going a little crazy lately, winding up with some cute crochet dresses, an ivory crochet cardigan with fringe on the hem, super amazing cotton harem pants, and this little special bundle right here. Just look at those randomly chosen colours; it’s like they KNOW me!!!


I was also getting into zen mode this week by working on some beautiful pattern pages from my Art Therapy magazines, spilling lots of colour into the world!


It was a bit of a cloudy, rainy week, so having so much colour at my desk while the sweet smell of rain came in the windows was utterly divine. Total happy-inducing.


And check it out!! I got my itty bitty album for all my Instax Mini photos! It’s too cute!


Today, Jon’s parents and I walked a lush, green path through fields and woods to the bluebell wood, where the flowers carpet the ground in glory every spring. We seemed to have gotten there a week too early, but it was still a beautiful walk and I was often silenced by the ancient green and gnarled trees, grateful to be in the land of my ancestors, and so close to these amazing places in nature.






When we left the forest and started walking back through the fields that stretch and roll beyond the back of Jon’s family home, we entered the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Wood, where thousands upon thousands of trees have been planted in 60 woods of 60 acres or more to create new forest alongside ancient forest. These trees should all be mature in a decade or so!




  1. Shawn says:

    Beautiful photos and looks like you are living a beautiful life and peaceful <3 Much deserved and I'm so happy for you <3

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