Welcome To The New Goddess Within

Welcome, friends and goddesses, to this brand-new version of my blog.  I’m a WordPress noob so things are probably look a bit silly for a while until I learn how to make my own theme and all that good sparkly stuff.  But learning WordPress was on my list of 100 Things To Do in 2014, so yay for crossing yet another fun item off!

I had been terribly inactive and unmotivated throughout the winter and springtime.  I was mired in deep depression, cocooned in our womb-like bedroom 24/7 (warm, dark, with a soft bed and white noise).  I hibernated, I dreamed.  I rarely did anything creative or introspective, and I stopped blogging.  It was a long time, and not a good one.

With spring and summer return my inspiration, and much healing took place during my hibernation.   I’m happy to return to you with adventures, ideas, projects, and glittery motivation! Yahoo!!!

I’m kicking this blog off with a 30-day blogging challenge that my biomom came up with.  We’re both doing it and it’s about our daily adventures in life and learning.  Today’s post is just the adventure of starting fresh, with newness in my heart and soul.

It’s going to be a good month!


Love and light,


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