Welcome to December

Welcome to the beautiful month of December.  The year is old, soon to give way to a brand new one of promise and freshness, but it leaves us in a flurry of excitement, glitter, and love.    It’s the time of year when hearts are bigger, spirits are higher, kindness is abound and excitement is in the air.

It’s a new month of challenges for me, not only blog-wise, but gaining closure over this rough year.   December can be a tough month for some people, and this year, it’s pretty darn tough for me.

Christmas is my favourite holiday and always has been.  My mom always did the best she could to make every Christmas magical; she was absolutely wild about it.  She would decorate every room in the house, even the bathrooms!  As soon as September came around, she would practically be quivering in excitement.  The “ber” months were her faves and her excitement spread over to me at a very early age.   We would go on drives on Christmas week to look at the neighbourhood lights, and we’d listen to Christmas music and bake treats.


For December’s blog challenge, there will be a lot about Christmas.  Some of the photography challenge I’m doing is more about other daily things, and I will add the rest of the Pagan Blog Project as well.




December Photography Challenge 


Day 1 – Something I Am Reading

The first book in a saga about the ancient peoples of North America…







Love and light,


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  1. Debbie Mitchell says:

    The book looks good!! I’m gonna have to add it to my wish list on goodreads 🙂 Looking forward to sharing December with you <3

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