Weekend Adventures – Staunton Harold

Hi everyone! Last weekend, Jon and I stayed at his family home and went on a family outing with his parents on Sunday afternoon. It was a gorgeous, warm day as we drove through the gorgeous green countryside to the Ferrers Centre for Arts and Craft in Staunton Harold. I had not been there since I went with Jon’s parents three years ago!

This is actually a pic heavy post. Are you as amazed as I am? I guess go make a cup of coffee or something while you wait for these to load… *wink*

Our first stop was to check out some foodstuffs. After a bit of exploration, Jon and I came away with banana ketchup, sweet garlic & nigella seed pickle, eucalyptus tea, and some fresh Stilton and herb bread.

Next we checked out a few other shops, admiring fabrics, original art, and artisan products. Graham wasn’t terribly interested in going in the shops, so he stayed outside in the sunshine.

I picked up a flamingo-themed bath set because–well why not? Then we made our way through sunlight-dappled paths to Staunton Harold Hall, which was gloriously green and peaceful. On one side of the water, a pair of swans sat like two white pearls in the distance. Mallards swam close to see if I had any food. Coots, their appearance and sound reminding Jon and I of Interlaken, squeaked in their nests on the opposite banks. I then realized I’d never actually seen a dang lily pad in my life until the ones crowding one part of the resevoir.

We went up to The Chapel of the Holy Trinity to see if it was open, because last time we were here it was closed for renovation (as churches often are whenever I’m around… Hmm). Hallelujah, it was open!

Built in 1653, the church has barely been altered for over four hundred years. Check out the chapel’s site here for its interesting history! Inside was very quiet, very still, and it was as though I could feel the breaths of two thousand whispered prayers floating between the stained glass windows.

I touched a piece of dark purple velvet–the same as the altar fabric in the above photo–and it felt quite incredible to actually touch a textile that came from a time when the earliest of my ancestors who left Britain for America were either very small children or hadn’t been born yet.

And then we all made the journey back to the car park, where we loaded up and headed back to Ravenstone for an enjoyable evening before Jon and I drove home to Leicester. It was such a pleasant weekend and I hope there are plenty of those to come in this ongoing beautiful weather!

What are your June weekend plans, friends?

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