Wednesday Art Post

Hello everyone! Well, looks like I scheduled the last post for the wrong day. It was supposed to be up TODAY, not yesterday. Good grief. Anyway, since that’s happened, I thought I’d show you all my latest art works this Wednesday! 🙂

Starting off, Jon and I love to play World of Warcraft together. We’ve gotten our night elves to level 100 and I’m particularly fond of them, so I decided to draw them together along with one of my dragon mounts that I just got after two weeks of repeating daily quests. The white-haired elf is Jon’s, and the teal-haired is mine.nelfswebThis is my character Luci, who I’m currently developing for a possible webcomic. Don’t mess with her, whether she’s in girly gear or not! She’s a renowned gunwoman and is guarding an alien princess with her life.
Party Luciweb
This portrait is the persona of a girl I know. I gifted it to her to brighten her day a little, as she’s experienced some hardships recently.
Sorry about your stuff webThis is a commission for a friend of mine! She wanted her persona drawn and I’m mailing it out to her soon 🙂
ych_lightikeawebI hope you enjoyed this post, friends! 🙂 What have you been working on lately?
Love and light,

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