Art Post Wednesday

Hello goddesses! Happy Wednesday, wherever you are in the world 🙂 Today is another art post; I hope you like what you see and feel inspired!

Here’s the finished lady from the sketch I showed you last time 🙂11224587_10153349999778337_3838896159894723673_nAnd Aria is finished, too! I can’t wait to get my tote bag from Artscow.
12234882_10153360957543337_1963966001841426631_nHere’s a finished Amethyst from “Steven Universe”…

I drew Jon’s dragon, Virakal, to match my Aria that I drew for my iPod case 🙂 I changed his design a little bit to include less intense plate and scale detail, and I prefer his simpler design because this means I can actually DRAW him, haha!
12241701_10153360958273337_2738018776497793532_n (1)Here’s the markers I used just for his fur, scales, and plating; probably all of my favourite Copic shades!

12241663_10153360958353337_5888392873943698467_nAnd now I’m starting yet another drawing of him, since he’s easier to do now! Stay tuned for the finished piece 🙂


What are you working on this Wednesday, loves?

Love and light,

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