We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope your December has been wonderful and blessed and that it’s full of love and joy to you, no matter what ūüôā


Day 24 – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in my past was the most exciting day of the year for me.  So much anticipation built up! I would put on my Christmas pyjamas, we would drink egg nog, and would all open one gift each from an outside family member or friend.


This year, we had cheese fondue, drank wine, and watched Christmas movies with Liat and her mum, then opened our stockings.  It was fabulous!  Later, Liat and I had egg nog and went on a walk to look at the lights all around us.


Photography Challenge Day 24 – Favourite Holiday Tradition





Day 25 – Christmas Day


Christmas Day this year was lovely. ¬† I made corned beef hash for breakfast, then we opened our presents and walked over to Liat’s mum’s to exchange gifts with her and to later have lunch. ¬†As soon as we got home we started preparing dinner, then our guests began to arrive.







Our dinner was a big hit. ¬†Friends brought presents, we watched movies, pigged out on amazing desserts, and had a really good time in general. ¬†It was an absolutely lovely Christmas and I was so happy to share it with everyone. ¬†I was reminded of good times, good memories, and that I’m about to enter a brand new year of promise. ¬†My incredible sadness I’ve had throughout December was gently shifted into the embrace of joy.




Photography Challenge Day 25 – Morning


Stuff everywhere! And that’s just MY stuff! ūüėČ


Love and light,




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