Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Hello everyone! Long time no see! I hope you are all doing well in your neck of the woods.

Things have been quite busy since my last post, and I haven’t had much time to blog. November was mostly taken up by National Novel Writing Month and the search for a job, both of which were successful! Just as I finished my NaNo three days early, I had an interview a few miles down the road in a school in Oadby, and I started the job the following afternoon! It’s only part time, but I already feel such a huge boost in my self-esteem.

I was getting gradually more excited all this past week, as Storm Caroline was set to strike England with freezing temperatures and plenty of snow. I didn’t want to be too eager in my excitement, though, as the Midlands don’t tend to see a lot of winter action. But it was getting colder and colder out, and we’ve had to have the heating on more than usual. Then the amber warning for snow was issued, and my boss and managers were gleefully talking about shutting down the school on Monday.

This morning we woke up to a hushed, white city that was blanketed in magic. And what was the first thing I did? I suited up and headed outside for a walk!

My walk took me past the train station, down to New Walk and Victoria Park, then back up to the city centre where I grabbed a few books at The Works and a hot chocolate from Brü.  It was a fantastic walk, with the snow gently falling and clinging to all the beautiful houses and buildings and trees in the city. I felt a brief homesickness for winters in Ontario, but instead of focusing on the bittersweet feeling I decided to just be very thankful to be able to experience snow in my new home.

Here are my photos from my walk. I hope you enjoy coming along with me on this little journey through my wintry wonderland!

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