Waiting For Her

Right now, excitement thrums through my body like a building storm.

My niece’s debut into this world is due to happen sometime this month. Another July baby, with fire in her veins and summer forever in her soul.

Olivia Grace is the first child of my youngest sister.

Our entire family sits and waits with a collective hushed inhale, waiting, as my sister’s body swells with the exciting final stage of her daughter’s life being combined with her own. Rebecca glows, seeming to radiate as though lit from within. Goddess patiently waiting. It’s a waiting breath that has been repeated many times in our family, but with Rebecca being the youngest, it seems what we’re even more excited than usual (though sometimes it’s hard for me to remember Rebecca is an adult!). Olivia is so fortunate to be born amid a large family that is so full of love; she’ll definitely have no shortage of it as she grows up.

An ocean away from sunny Virginia, my stomach is already doing flips. I prepare a package to go out to my niece, full of onesies that will fit her in autumn and winter this year, and it’s funny to imagine her at three or six months old when she hasn’t even been born yet.  I feel the fabric, trying to imagine her occupying the clothing. I probably won’t get to meet her for some time yet. Just like some of my other nieces and nephews who were born after I left the country.

But I hope I’ve imbued a lot of love into these wee onesies, and I hope to give her as much love as I can across the miles.

Olivia, may you live a life full of self-admiration, courage, wisdom, and kindness toward others.

May you have the ability to grow past your mistakes without them haunting you, without beating yourself up.

May you always be true to yourself, whoever you may be.

May you never hold back your love for life.

May you always see the world with fresh, curious eyes, even when you’re old and grey.

I can’t wait for you to enter this world. It’s a scary, dark place right now, but you are golden starlight.

I love you more than you can possibly know.


May you always thrive in joy.


All my love,
Aunt Mimi.

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