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Hello everyone! Today’s post continues my series on UK immigration via Category A spousal route, and here I’ll be showing you how to provide a proper letter of employment, whether you are applying for your first visa or are renewing. This counts for both Categories A and B.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an immigration adviser. I am not any kind of professional. I’m merely giving my own input and experience in UK immigration, and it should be treated as such. However, I hope it eases your confusion and helps you on your journey to Britain.

When applying under Category A or B,  your spouse–as your sponsor–will have his or her employment information closely looked over, so they need to provide a good amount of proof that they’re truly working and earning the minimum financial requirement. Your sponsor will need to provide a typed and signed letter from their employer confirming their job role, salary, length of time on that salary, if the contract is temporary or permanent, and how long they’ve been working with the company.

As evidenced on the Home Office website, an employment letter MUST contain the following key points for it (and therefore your entire application) to be accepted:

Section 5.6.1, 2 (b) of Appendix FM 1.7: Financial Requirement:

A letter from the employer(s) who issued the payslips at paragraph 2(a) confirming:
(i) the person’s employment and gross annual salary;
(ii) the length of their employment;
(iii) the period over which they have been or were paid the level of salary relied upon in the application; and
(iv) the type of employment (permanent, fixed-term contract or agency).

Like all financial documents (which I will go into in a subsequent post), the employment letter cannot be older than 28 days on the day you submit the online part of your application.

Some people are confused because they see that they need an employment letter AND the original employment contract, and think that they should only include the contract. The letter is required, the contract is not. HOWEVER, the contract adds credibility to your sponsor’s employment and is recommended.

This is the template we followed for Jon’s employment letter. If your sponsor’s employer is willing, show them this template, or the above quote from Home Office and make sure they know those listed items are required.  For the same reason that including your sponsor’s original employment contract is recommended, so is their employer using their official letterhead.


Date: <Date>

Dear Entry Clearance Officer,

This letter is to confirm that <Name> has been employed by <Company> since <Joining Date>, on full time permanent basis in the position of <Job Designation>, with a gross annual salary of <£> per annum.

For the last six months, from <Date> to <Date>, <Name>’s gross salary has been <£Gross Monthly Salary> per month and the total salary for the aforementioned six months is  <£ Gross Total 6 Month Salary>.

As his employer, I can confirm that <Name>’s payslips from my company are authentic.

Should you require any more information regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us.


<Signed name>
<Company Name>
<Company Address>

I hope this is useful to you in some way! Stay tuned for the next post in the series!

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