‘Tis the Season

Day 16 – Things You Are Grateful For


I am grateful for so much.  Having a place to live right now when my life is completely upside down.  My family, my mother, my friends, my two besties, my twin flame, my friends’ pets.  My memories, my heart, my mind, my health.  My beautiful North York and Toronto.  The knowledge that my future is bright and lovely even when my right now can seem dark and scary.


I’m grateful for having been blessed to see Switzerland and part of England this year.


I’m grateful for rain, for snowfall, for nighttime and wind, for coffee and good food and laughter and for excitement.  For festivals, markets, events, and when the bus comes right on time.




Day 16 Photography Challenge – Wreath


At Dollarama today…





Day 17 – Favourite 2013 Recipe


Jimmy Dean Sausage Balls


This has been a favourite recipe of mine for several years now, thanks to my mother.    I’m posting the link and I recommend you bookmark it right away!  For those of you outside the US like myself, any ground sausage will do nicely.






Day 17 Photography Challenge – A Beautiful Sight


Lovely decorated tree at the bank…




Love and light,


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