Three Good Things

Hello hello, Friday! Or dare I say… Fri-YAY?

*Crickets chirp*

Oh dear, that’s a bit tired, isn’t it? It’s still true though, dangit!

It’s actually not that much of a Fri-YAY for me, but the reason is rather selfish of me. Late tonight, Jon’s joining the lads on a plane down to Valencia, where they’ll be spending the next five days on a stag do celebrating our friend Simon’s upcoming wedding. There’s no room for me on a stag do, as much as I wanted to go just to get my own hotel room and wander around on my own. So here I remain in England, minus Jon for the longest period of time since before I got my visa! Eek! Jon is my near-constant companion, so it’s going to feel pretty bizarre to not have him around until Wednesday.

However, I’m going to take these five days to visit my in-laws in Ravenstone, go to work as usual, do some deep cleaning around the flat, binge-watch stuff on Netflix, and make some progress on that darn Christmas Crochet-A-Long afghan I started in NOVEMBER. And hopefully before I know it, Jon will be back and everything will feel normal again!


Here are my three good things for this week…

My art is wanted.  This is such an amazing feeling. I’ve been feeling so low about my art for over a year now, and I figured no one would want any part of my crappy artwork.  But loads of people and friends clamoured for custom chibi dolls I was drawing (I’ll start showing them here next week for Hump Day Art!), and they’ve seemed so starry-eyed over these and have been giving me all the love. It’s been a huge confidence booster and I’ve gotten two dozen happy customers from it!

Discovering lovely cafes. On Tuesday after we both finished work, Jon and I had dinner and took a nice walk around Leicester. We happened upon Shakespeare’s House, a gorgeous cafe that neither of us had ever been in before. So we popped in and enjoyed lattes and chocolate meringue cake, and we’ve already planned what we’ll be getting next time we go!

Warmer weather. I’m no summer person because I don’t do well in heat, but I also get cold very easily and I am so over winter, dormant trees, and bitter wind. So seeing gorgeous flowers and tree blooms and finally getting warmer temps this weekend? Yes please!

What are three good things you’re grateful for this week? Don’t forget to link up at Enchanted Pixie and share those grateful vibes!


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