The Waning Moon

Hello all! Happy Friday, wherever you are in the world! Today I’m bringing you the start of a short series of little posts about the moon phases. Each month will feature a different phase, and this month’s focuses on the Waning Moon, which is occurring in the northern hemisphere.

waning_moonThis month, the Waning Moon starts around the 17th, ending with the barest sliver of light on the 27th.

The Waning Moon is all about repelling things from you, so it’s the perfect time to get rid of things that aren’t working in your life and for banishing bad habits, thought patterns, and negative energies within and around you.



  • Set your intentions for this month; what would you like to manifest during this moon phase?
  • Write down a list of negative thought patterns you have. Maybe even write them down over the course of a few days as you notice them. Really think on these things and why you feel this way, then burn or tear up that list! It’s a great starting point to working on banishing these emotional patterns.
  • If you have a bad habit, it’s time to put an end to it.
  • End any projects that have been stagnating on you.
  • Clean your house to clear away stressful, negative energies.
  • After cleaning your home on a mundane level, smudge every corner of your home to cleanse it on an energetic level.
  • Go through your home and donate things you no longer need that are cluttering up your space.
  • If there’s a toxic person in your life who’s been dragging you down or upsetting you, remove them from your life.
  • Relax and meditate. Light some candles and get into super cozy clothes and under your favourite blankets as you begin to rest and renew yourself. Have a cup of chamomile or catnip tea. Thank the Universe or your chosen deity for helping you release all these negative energies from your life.



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