The Law of Attraction

Hello, goddesses! Happy Tuesday, wherever you are in the world! Today I’m talking to you about the law of attraction and how it’s been positively affecting my life.

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I was feeling incredibly negative and pessimistic toward the end of my immigration journey. All I could think of was the worst case scenario, and I was feeling lonely, scared, and fearful. Upon noticing this, Susie approached me with her copy of “The Secret”, a book talking about the law of attraction and how to use to attract good things to me, including a positive outcome on my application.

Basically, the law of attraction states that you draw the bad and the good to you. If you think negatively all the time, unhappy things will be drawn to you. And if you think positively and confidently, good things will be drawn to you. Like attracts like.

First, I want to say that I don’t agree with a couple things concerning this. I don’t agree that positive thinking and visualization alone will cure cancer or make one lose weight. Sure, they can be pretty helpful on your journey, as the mind is a powerful thing. I also disagree that feeling negative things will cause bad things to happen to you, such as assaults, robberies, house fires, or car accidents. Nobody wants any of these things, after all!

One shouldn’t have to live in fear of sometimes not feeling upbeat and positive. Negative feelings are part of the human experience and should be felt as such.

However, sometimes these thoughts do completely overtake our minds and alter our thought patterns, and it becomes difficult to think any differently. They might affect your self-esteem, your confidence, your hobbies, your sleep, your social life, your relationships, and your outlook on life. You might be so used to thinking negatively that you can’t really imagine feeling any other way. They might affect you so deeply that the Universe thinks you WANT unhappy things to happen in your life, and you’ll feel like you’ll never have the good things you dream of anyway. Things like “I won’t get that promotion” or “I’m useless, nobody likes me” or “my business ideas are too lofty and will never take off” or “I’m just not a likable person” or “I’m old” really projects these thoughts you honestly believe, and the Universe doesn’t know any different!

So in sending out positive vibes and saying you WILL do, have, or be something, your negative mindset can be changed. It’s a lot of work to change your mindset, but why not start today? Do it in increments. Build it up!

I fully believe that powerful, positive thoughts, visualizations, and affirmative thinking can go a long way in getting what you want in life, including increased self-esteem. Don’t ask the Universe what you want. TELL it what you WILL have! Don’t tell it what you will NEVER have or what you DON’T want (I’ve said “I will never” so many times and the opposite has happened that it’s not even funny anymore!). Putting good energy into the world is always fabulous, and you will be able to see it help you even if you don’t expect it to.

I’ve constantly visualized the life I wanted. The friends I wanted, the significant other I wanted, the skills I wanted to hone in on, the weight I wanted to lose. I was very affirmative about all of this. I WILL have this kind of partner. I WILL be good at this skill. I WILL be my old weight again. I WILL attract good people into my life. And I’ve wound up or am heading toward these things!

My nightly mantra is to lie in bed and meditate, saying good things about myself that I never, ever used to believe.

I am a worthwhile person. I am likable. I am lovable. I am talented. I have a good sense of humour. I am a good sister, daughter, friend, and wife. I am happy. I am my own wonderful person, my own identity. I am beautiful.

Then I add on the things that haven’t happened yet but what I do want to happen in my life.

I have good short-term memory. I am successful with my art and handmade goods. I am at my goal weight. I’m a good programmer. I’ve learned German. I’ve traveled to many amazing places. I have n a flat/house I love. I have space for gardening. I am a greenwitch. I have conquered depression. I have a good therapist and have overcome the majority of my illness. I am my fully abundant, succulent self.

While I was waiting for my visa application to be processed, I added visualization to the end of this mantra. I vividly imagined going to VFS and opening my DHL envelope to see the visa inside my passport. I imagined crying with joy, then I imagined going through airport security and going to my gate. I imagined getting on the plane and having a comfortable, safe journey. I imagined getting to passport control and then getting through to baggage claim. I imagined being in Jon’s arms again. I also said: “I AM getting my visa. I’m getting it very soon.”

And I lit my purple, yellow, and orange candles, sending even more good vibes out there.

And I got my visa a couple weeks later.

It’s not some miracle cure for things as some people like to believe. You still need to put the work in to a lot of things to actually make them happen! But visualizing what you want and utilizing the law of attraction can help you get there.


I hope you found this post inspiring, lovelies! 🙂







  1. Beth says:

    I’ve been having a lot of negative thoughts lately and stress in my life so I have definitely taken on board what you’ve written, I’m going to try the mantra before bed. I also want to lose some weight so I will focus on that as well! Definitely agree that positive thinking is a great tool #ThatFridayLinky

  2. Shoebox of Memories says:

    This is a challenging read for me but I’m glad that your new outlook has brought you a sense of peace and comfort and that your visa situation has resolved. Bureaucracy has a way of testing even the most positive of us!


    • Mary says:

      Thank you! It really does, doesn’t it?

      I know feeling and visualizing positive things and situations doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s helped my own low self-esteem and negative thinking at least! Whatever works 🙂 <3

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