The Beauty of Being Too Much

Lately I’ve really been thinking about those of us who are seen as “too much”. Too loud, too happy, we’re too colourful, we love too much, we laugh too much, we’re too true to ourselves.

And society really, really hates when we don’t conform, when we don’t stay quiet and beige, swallowing our rainbows and blending in with the rest of the crowd. It makes people feel threatened. It makes people glare, and make unkind remarks, and it makes them shame us with the intent of dowsing our light so they don’t get blinded by it.

But do you know what happens when we are less of ourselves?

When we force ourselves to be LESS of ourselves 24/7, it’s disrespectful and unkind to our hearts and souls. Whether we were made from a cosmic Creator or through the wonder of evolution, we are who we are and that should be celebrated, not hidden away in a closet just because someone feels threatened by our light.

An incident happened with my friend recently, which is what prompted me to make this post. This friend is so authentically herself, unafraid of sharing the bright love from her soul. She is full of stories, full of joy, full of shared experiences and of compassion and of inspiration. Never condescending, never patronizing, never anything but who she *is*.  Her comments are always heartfelt and sincere, and she always tells us, her grateful friends, that she loves us.

Some person kept seeing her happy, loving comments on their friends’ social media newsfeeds, and it really, REALLY pissed them off.

This person messaged my friend and furiously swore at her, telling her she was making a fool out of herself with her comments and enough was enough already. They tried to shame her into silence, into being less of who she is.

The tirade of shaming cut my friend to her core. But she moved forward in kindness. She didn’t stoop to their level. She briefly doubted herself and wanted to stop expressing her love, but then she knew that that wasn’t being true to herself. So she kept on shining.

If your light is too bright for some people, then they can just put some sunglasses on already and keep moving.

Don’t you ever, EVER apologize for your light, for your rainbows. The world needs more of them, trust me.

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