i am luscious and vibrant; a sunset
red and purple and shining
with glowing eyes and gold-tipped hair
shining through the grey.

the golden day is over, passing into night
it can’t be brought back, but it will come again
wild bright light softening to moonlight
waiting for the earth to turn.

this is not the grieving end of a journey
but the great mountaintop of the middle
from where we will ride downhill in a
rush of joy back to our shining day.

the dawn will come back soon
and like how the earth finds the sun
i will find myself again
in different light and form.

and i will shine even brighter
than i did before.

– mary



  1. Laura says:

    this is absolutely brilliant Mary; you are so talented!! in so so many ways, i am proud to call you MY FRIEND! love you Mary! <3

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