Spring Blooms

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you’re having a fabulous day. We’ve had a couple glorious days of warm sunshine that dissolved into rain last night, and it’s still raining today. I was out for a walk yesterday and took a few photos of the blooms and blossoms that are starting to spring up all around Ravenstone! There aren’t many yet, but everyone is planting colourful flowers in their gardens, the magnolia trees are in full splendour, the crocuses had a brief stint and are now replaced by numerous sunny daffodils. Trees are budding, some more so than others, and the fields are yellow with blankets of rapeseed.

Pheasant sightings have diminished to nearly zero, so I don’t hear their distinctive calls anymore, but now and again peafowl escape from Ravenstone Hall and I hear them crying to each other in the twilight. Songbirds start their symphony at 5am, and the evenings are light up until nearly 8:30. I’m so happy that I can spend another spring in England, and I hope that I will be spending many, many more here.

All the growing flowers and people bustling off to the garden centres have me daydreaming about my future garden. While I mainly want to have a vegetable patch and space for numerous herbs, I’d also love to have beautiful roses and other blooms greeting me every day!

Toronto had another snowstorm several nights ago, which made me pay even closer attention to the beauty growing around me.  I hope you enjoy these photos!







Now I’m off to get some more stuff gathered for our immigration paperwork, since it’s tipping it down outside and I can’t get much done out there!


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