A Spot of Magic – Mini Altar Space


Hey there lovelies! I hope you’re having a great Tuesday, wherever you are in the world! Today I’d like to share with you my first post in a new blog series: A Spot of Magic.

I believe that any space in our homes and gardens can be delegated to magic, no matter how big or small the space! This can be a windowsill, or a dresser top, or a shelf in the closet, or a little corner in the kitchen or living room. It might even be a whole room, if you have a big house (and for that I will say WOWZA, that’s my dream!).

Every household should have room for a spot of magic, a place where you can connect and breathe and feel a little healing in the comfort of your dwelling.

It doesn’t even have to be some whole ritualistic setup. It can be something small, even just one little thing that really speaks to you and the current stage of your path!

Anything that speaks to your chosen faith and spiritual path can be used! Artwork, crosses, angel statues, a decorative Star-of-David, worry stones with words on them, whatever you think is lovely and appropriate for your little space.

Even if you don’t follow a specific spiritual path–or none at all–you can still place items that speak to you and bring you comfort.

This is my little altar space. It’s not much, at the moment.

image1 (1)But it works, and is really the only space I have in our wee apartment! A few candles, crystals, my gorgeous big quartz and my calcite wand, a besom, and an inukshuk. Not pictures is my tiny book where I keep lists of correspondences (including candles, herbs, and crystals).

It’s my teeny sacred space, and it’s right behind me where I sit on my couch/bed.

I hope you, too, have sacred spaces in your home that you enjoy going to! And if you don’t, why not make one now? 🙂 If you have one (or more), show me in the comments!


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