Six Storage Ideas for Crafters with Limited Space

Hello goddesses! Happy Tuesday, wherever you are in the world! Today I wanted to share with you some organization ideas I’ve found online for art and craft supplies, which can get pretty chaotic pretty fast if you’re anything like me!

I struggle with proper organization for my burgeoning art supplies, especially when living in a very tiny space. Stuff just kind of winds up everywhere, or mashed up together, then it gets hard to find the right tool you need at the moment, which can lead to a bit of a loss of creativity if it’s one of those OMG-NEED-TO-SPEW-THIS-ALL-OUT-RIGHT-NOW-OR-I’LL-LOSE-IT sort of projects. I’ve definitely been there!

So here are some great ideas I’ve found around the web to maximize your craft/art storage when you have limited space!

1 – Shoe Organizer

Craft-Closet-Organization-4-of-10via Bless’er House

These over-the-door organizers are marvelous for putting craft and art supplies where you can see them. I think it’s a great way to organize yarn or fabric, as those are both things I find take up a lot of room otherwise.

My twist – Do like our fabulous DIY blogger at Bless’er House has done and make little tags for each pocket!


2 – Multi-Tier Tackle Box

DSC_0098via Rambling Renovators

Fishing tackle boxes are awesome, they’re portable, they hold lots of supplies, and they don’t take up much room! Also, remember Caboodles? Our beauty tackle boxes from the 90s can sometimes be found in thrift shops, although you might still have one floating around yourself 😉

My twist – Paint the outside of the box, and line the compartments with lovely fabrics or scrapbook paper.

3 – Under-Bed Storage

28d319e5241de6c96e15613c2e7b48c9via Cassandra Harper

These under-bed boxes are made for shoes, but they can hold anything you desire! Slip it under the bed or sofa and you’re set. And since most of them have zip covers, you won’t have to worry about your crafty stuff getting invaded by dust bunnies! Dollarama has this storage for really cheap, so it’s a good place to look 🙂

4 – Shower Caddy

b26b0dcbd285b2a7bbc5bc6f35500a2evia Bella Tunno

It’s easy to install and doesn’t take up any floor room. Vertical storage rocks! And you can see your lovely supplies right off the bat. Alternatively, portable shower caddies like this one are a great option. I once had one similar but it was clear plastic instead of mesh! You can probably find them for cheaper than the Amazon link at your local dollar store.

My twist – Spools of ribbon would do great here, because you could drape each ribbon through the metal slats whenever you need it for your projects. Just pull it out to your desired length and cut!

5 – The Art Cart

smart-ways-to-use-ikea-raskog-cart-for-home-storage-33via DigsDigs

 The Raskog cart from IKEA seems to be quite popular for the creatrix crowd. And who can blame us? It’s cute, it’s on wheels and it’s a good price ($29.99 or £47)! And it’s small enough to tuck into a corner or a closet when not in use. And check out the little hanging planters for even more storage options!

My twist – Small magnetic jars are PERFECT for filling with tiny embellishments and sticking to the sides of the shelf. And since the lids are clear, you can find exactly what you need in a snap.


5 – Pen & Pencil Roll-Up Case

81CmXQPaaRL._SL1024_via Amazon

I find a good roll-up case is very important to my personal storage needs. When unrolled, mine holds all of my inking pens, my special accenting pens, coloured fineliners, and it has a mesh zip pocket where I keep my eraser, sharpener, and extra lead for my mechanical pencil. When rolled up, it hardly takes up any space.

What neat methods of craft & art organization have you discovered lately? Please share in the comments or on Facebook!



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