Saying Goodbye

Hello, friends and other dear ones.

These last six months have gone by far too quickly. They have been sparkling golden, precious, invaluable, unforgettable.

They have given me their all, and I have given them all of me.

I am leaving England as myself: Mary. Not as a different person, but as the person I was meant to be the entirety of my life. The authentic, succulent Mary with polished, shining facets where there was once rough stone. I was meant to be here, to learn the lessons and drink in the medicine that England and my love both offered to me.

I don’t want it to end.

I won’t deny that I feel a terrible sadness, an aching emptiness in my gut and my soul. I leave here so enriched, so loved and so close to Jon and I being together permanently, but I also grieve.

But my return to Canada signals another step in this journey of ours.

When Leonie Dawson moved from Tasmania to Canberra recently, she wrote a thank you love note to Tasmania for all the love and lessons it gave her in her family’s beautiful time there. I was inspired to make my own thank you love note to England.


Goodbye, my beautiful England. I only hope and pray that I will be able to call you home next year, if life permits it.

See you all back on the other side of the pond, in the true north strong and free.






  1. Debbie Mitchell says:

    I got through this post with the tears of grief and sadness and then admiration for both you and Jon. And then it hit me… full force….the Rainbows Mary!! I didn’t know about the rainbows you saw in England — but it was the rainbow that I was told to send you. Don’t you see… its the promise. You Will return to England. Oh God, the reality of what just happened has hit me full force. These sign, these messages are real. Now. My heart lifts and the sadness seeps away and my energy now goes to moving you from this moment to the next…..the next being your return to England and your life there. It’s the rainbows Mary that will tell you. I love you my child.

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