Sacking the Suckies

Hello, lovelies!

I hope your January is going well so far.  It tends to be a depressing sort of month, dark and cold for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and as we recover from the stress and bustle of the holiday season, we might find ourselves down in the dumps more than usual.  Drained, grey, tired, unmotivated, just plain tired.  

And if we’re suffering from depression, then DAMMMMNNNN!

It sucks big donkey balls!

Sometimes it’s the little everyday things that can make a world of difference some hours, some days.  They might be little bright spots, give you a little cheer, give you some extra spirit.  I’ve listed things that help me when my depression and blues are particularly bad.  Of course, not everything works the same for different people, but I hope this list inspires you regardless.  Pick one, pick two, pick all of ’em!  There’s no wrong answer!



Love and light,


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