Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Day 8 – Your Favourite Christmas Treats


My favourite treats have been the same every year of my life!


Egg nog.  We traditionally waited until Christmas Eve to crack it open while we opened one gift each from non-immediate family members or friends.  We’d finish it off by New Year’s Eve, but when I reached adulthood, I would end up buying several throughout the month of December!  My best friends go as far as to freeze several cartons so we can enjoy it throughout the year.


Gingerbread.  In all forms, this is such a recognizable and beloved sight and flavour to me.  From adorable gingerbread men, to annoying-as-hell constructable houses (which are just as fun to DEconstruct after those hard hours of work!), to soft gingerbread cake or pancakes on Christmas morning.


Peppermint candy canes (stick one in your next cup of hot chocolate for a festive dessert!).  Not only do I love eating them, but they’re pretty! And here’s a little story about them:  When I was very small, Mom told me that candy canes were the favourite treat of Santa’s reindeer, so on Christmas Eve I’d hang nine of them on the tree–even one for Rudolph!  They’d be gone the next morning, of course 😉







Photography Challenge – Day 8 – Stockings


We don’t have all our stockings up yet, but they’re getting there… LOL!

Red – Alora’s (best friend)

Pink – Mine

Green – Jon’s (twin flame)



Reindeer – Liat’s (best friend)

Poinsettia – Susie (Liat’s mum and my other mother!)



At least two are up. LOL.  They’re all getting quite full!  It’s Liat’s first time having and filling stockings; she normally celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah, and she’s always wanted a stocking.  So she’s been excited about this since October and is going mental filling them all 🙂


Love and light,


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