PBP – U is for United

These past several weeks, I’ve really been starting to think and consider and meditate on everything that’s going on in my colourful brain right now. Sorting the darkness from the light, and embracing both–even the darkness, the scary things, the fear and the grief and the unknown, because if I don’t face it, I’ll never evolve through it. I will never get better or become a better person.


Sometimes I feel incredibly alone with this, even though I have the support of my two best friends as well as my family back in Virginia.


The one person who has stood united with me through every single thing in last third of my life has been my best friend, Jon. The unity I’ve had with him has been deeply rooted for well over a decade. Thirteen years as of next April, to be exact. He knows every single tiny thing about me. There is nothing I haven’t shared with him, and vice versa. With him beside me, I feel unstoppable, strong, and dazzling.




He makes me feel like a goddess. He is a Daoist who fully supports my journey into Paganism and Wicca, and he’s helped me learn to love myself and for every beautiful facet of my being to explode forth and shine like stars. Because of his enthusiasm with my entire life and self, he gives me the confidence to celebrate what I believe.


We stand united as twin flames, complementing one another and fulfilling each other where we felt we could never be fulfilled in our lifetimes. I don’t know what I ever could have done without him. We are still separated by an ocean, but our souls have always known one another, and we will be permanently united in early 2016.


United we stand.


Love and light,

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