PBP – Q is for Past Life Quirks

In this post, I’m answering another Week 33 post made by the lovely Witchfire at Book of Mirrors.

Do you have any strange quirks from the last time you were on this earth?

I am positive that my last life ended somewhere in the 1940s. I am passionate about the time periods between the 1920s and 1940s, from clothing to music to life in general. I feel nostalgic if I see vintage ads, or movies, or books of any kind. After around 1947, that passion ends almost completely. As I wasn’t born until the mid 1980s, I can’t otherwise understand why I’m so passionate about that time period.

I also have an intense fear of deep water. It doesn’t matter if I can see the bottom or not, but murky water terrifies me. I’ve been trying very hard to learn how to swim, and I’ve just about given up. I’m so tired of the unending fear whenever I try, and I have no good reason for this. My anxiety skyrockets if I see someone deep-sea diving on a video. If you told me to simply wear a life jacket and hang on to a floating raft in a lake in cottage country, I’d fly into hysterics and run away and there’s just no legit reason for it. Not in this life, anyway.

My adopted mom (maternal grandma) was convinced her last life occurred during the Civil War, and once in ancient Egypt. My biological mom has a ridiculously strong connection to her Native American roots and the region of Nome, Alaska, which she has never been to. My strong connection to Canada and Caribou as my totem leads me to believe that perhaps another of my past lives existed in the icy north.

So how about you? Do you have any strange quirks that you know are not from this life?

Love and light,

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