PBP – P is for Passion

I’ve been pondering the word “passion” in these last few weeks and figuring out exactly what that word means in my life and how I can let it unfold into my future. It’s quite nice to think about, and the more I realize what I’m passionate about, the happier I feel.

There are different kinds of passion that I feel, as well.

For my faith, it’s infused in me, at the heart of my passion for everything else, and it influences all the other things I’m passionate about. My faith keeps me grounded and connected to all the other things in my life.

For my family and friends, it’s hot and bright, ready to flare into a wildfire at a moment’s notice with incentives both good and bad (for instance, if someone wrongs them… I’m going to become a wild tigress!).

For my pets, it’s a deep, gentle thrumming. For my creativity, it’s a colourful burst of light. For travelling and being in Nature, it’s a still, peaceful, and quiet; unlike the rest of my passions, of which I have many!

There a lot of things that people say keeps them going. Family, artistic vision, religion, and more… but ultimately, it’s Passion that you rely on to really focus on and enjoy what stirs your heart and soul. It’s what keeps you motivated and moving forward, and it all starts from one place. Passion is a must.

Love and light,

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