Pagan Blog Project – G is for Gratitude


Awesome mini gratitude cards by Inovi on Etsy!

Gratitude is truly a cornerstone of my spirituality. Over the years, I’ve taught myself to find three to five things I’m grateful for every single day, whether they’re tiny or holy humdinger huge! Even if I’ve had a shit day, I still try to find something that was good about it, even if it might seem insignificant. Maybe something as simple as the sound of rain, or a nice hot coffee, or the touch of one of our foster kitten’s gentle paws on my face. If I’m REALLY struggling, I give thanks to the basics, which many people are living without, and that includes food, shelter, and heat in the winter.

Good things are good.

If I’ve had a good day, then I usually find LOTS to be thankful for! Big things AND the little things!

By practicing gratitude every day, I feel that my life has deeply transformed. I’m more aware of the things that make me grateful, and this in turn has made me a more positive person (which is great, because one NEEDS some positivity whilst battling depression!).

Here are my five gratitudes of today!

1. Getting to sleep in!
2. Foster kitten unable to go a second without loving on me (aww!)
3. Getting a project done!
4. Rain
5. This blog project.

I encourage you to practice gratitude every single day. Feel free to comment with what you’re grateful for today!

Love and light,

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