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F is for Forest


When was the last time you were in a wild place?

My favourite part about living in Ontario is the sheer amount of forested land there is. Even in the midst of suburban Vaughan and Markham, there are beautiful parks where all you can see are trees, flowers, and water. Whenever I need an all-over boost, I visit the forests, ponds, and rivers around me. While I love living so close to Toronto, I’m incredibly grateful that I have access to so much nature. Sunlight, green breathing trees, and soil are very healing to me. It’s hard for my depression to swing too hard when I’m in nature, being filled with its rich essence that so much of society has forgotten.

Being in forests is where I feel I can truly connect with my spirit path without any form of hindrance.

Not far from our current home is this beautiful little pathway that crosses a forested creek. It opens up into the property of a grassy elementary school, and if you walk the length of it, there’s another path through the woods that leads right into Thornhill’s old beauty and quiet charm. Trees, trees, and more trees.


From there, you can cross Elgin and walk along another forested path, which leads you to John Street, and from there you can cross that and wind up in Pomona Mills Park. It’s a glorious place, perfect for mediation and spiritual connection. In early autumn you can find many of Nature’s treasures waiting for you, such as chestnuts, seed pods, wild cucumbers, and big salmon swimming upstream in the Don River.




Going the other direction and crossing Yonge Street onto Centre, you wind up at a beautiful place with a big pond, trees, and lots of wildlife. Red-winged blackbirds, herons, swans, wood and mallard ducks, koi, frogs, painted and snapping turtles, and Canada geese all call Oak Bank Park their home. The perfect place for grounding oneself.




I definitely never regret being in nature.

Love and light,

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