Pagan Blog Project – E is for Energy Vampires

For Week 10 of the Pagan Blog Project, which I’m trying to catch up on, here’s an interesting topic.

E is for Energy Vampires

What in the blue hell is an energy vampire, anyway?

In short, energy vampires are people who suck your psychic energy, leaving you feeling drained, unhappy, offended, anxious, irritated, or even ill. These people can be friends, family, colleagues, clients, or strangers. They do nothing but take, and they’re the people you have to go above and beyond with and they leave you utterly exhausted.

Whatever kind of psychic energy you believe in (or don’t believe in), I think we can agree that we all know at least one person like this and they are not fun to be around!

There are many different types of energy vampires. Here are some of them:

– The Guilt Tripper, who uses shame to get what they want from you.
– The Insecure, who needs approval and help at every turn and won’t strike out on their own.
– The Passive-Aggressor… I think we definitely all know one of these!
– The Blamer, who takes no responsibility for anything and lays blame on everyone else.
– The Drama Queen… enough said!!
– The Debbie Downer, who just can’t seem to embrace joy in anything or be happy for anyone.

In my case, it used to be difficult to get rid of energy vampires. They stick like glue, and their attitudes make people feel guilty for saying no to them. I had a friend who was several of the above listed types at the SAME TIME. No kidding! She was the Guilt Tripper, Insecure, Passive-Aggressive, Blamer, and Debbie Downer all at once! It finally got to be too much for me, and I told her I wasn’t dealing with her crap any more and to have a good life. We haven’t spoken since (but she did have some passive-aggressive Facebook statuses about me!), and I’ve been quite happy with the arrangement!

Think of it this way. All relationships are an exchange of energy. Do you want energies flowing freely and happily, or do you want to be overwhelmed by bad energies while your own get taken from you?

Can you truly be yourself around this person without being ridiculed, shamed, belittled, or judged?

Do you feel balanced, supported, loved?

Can you trust this person with your heart, dreams, secrets and fears?

Dealing with energy vampires takes time and effort, whether you’re putting your foot down and setting boundaries, or putting up your personal “force field” to buffer the psychic attacks. These kinds of people can be damaging to your mental health and happiness, and while some of them can’t be avoided or removed entirely (family members, bosses), they can still be dealt with. Being aware of yourself and what (and who!) drains you is a good step toward feeling good in general! Take back that stolen energy!

Love and light,

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