November Views

Hi everyone! Happy December, wherever you are in the world!

I apologize for the complete lack of updating last month. November just kind of slid by me and wasn’t a good month, mentally or emotionally, so I was quite glad to say goodbye to it. However, there were some lovely things during the month, so here are my views!


Fireworks at Abbey Park on Bonfire Night!

Early in the month, there was still some colour left in Leicestershire. By the middle of the month, however, the wind took it all away with her wild rains and cold winds.

The rare appearance of some mammatus clouds on the underside of a storm’s anvil while I was on my way to work one afternoon. I haven’t seen these formations in… I don’t know how long! Six years, maybe?

I entered a giveaway on Manhattan34’s Instagram to win these four Southern Comfort glasses and a sharer punch for four. I was so happy to win! I’ve not had much Southern Comfort in my life but this punch was fabulous.

I had a job interview down by Leicester Royal Infirmary one misty morning. It was a bit of an off-putting experience, but it was GOOD experience for me and my anxiety nonetheless.

Getting shiny birthday cards ready for two of my nieces back in Virginia!

A little evening outing to Cream’s, where I treated myself to a bubble pop waffle with bubblegum and strawberry gelato.

On the evening of the 22nd, all of Leicester’s Christmas lights were switched on in ceremonies scattered throughout the city centre. It was all so festive and made me feel ready for December!

On the 24th, we hosted a Thanksgiving meal for us and Jon’s immediate family. Like last year, it went down a treat and everyone had a good time. I made a couple of family recipes, my pumpkin pie turned out great (patting my own back here), and we really stuffed ourselves. Pictured are cranberry & marmalade sausages, the cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, and candied orange slices with dark chocolate.

And a special mention goes to this lovely cheese and chutney that we served as a snack while Thanksgiving dinner cooked. I wasn’t sure they’d work well together, but they were SCARFED down on crackers! I need to go back to Lidl and see if they’ve got any of this cheese left–and possibly back to Marks & Spencers to replenish that chutney.

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