My Neck of the Woods, Oct. 7

Hello friends! Happy Friday, wherever you are in the world. Here’s what’s been going on in my neck of the woods!

The leaves are subtly turning from green to bright yellow in places. Others are red and orange, and some are simply dropping leaves without changing colour due to how dry the summer was. It’s still my favourite time of year!

image4(Don River just before Dufferin & Steeles)

I’ve continued to do a lot of little things to keep myself busy so I don’t go utterly insane from the wait for my visa. I still haven’t heard anything, but everyone’s been waiting an abnormally long time and I’m still so thankful we went Priority. The “decision made” email could come any day now, and I’m feeling more and more tense, like a metal coil that’s ready to spring.

Early last week, I purchased a new backpack as well as a new journal and pen. The journal will get me writing again, helping to distract and relax me.


Liat’s aunt is visiting from Israel, and she brought me two of the hand cream that I fell in love with after Liat got me one last year! I didn’t know there were bigger bottles than mine! Ah, such simple pleasures 🙂


In a bid for a fun distraction, I engaged in a little bit of inspired geekdom. See this Magic: The Gathering card?


Well, it had given me a lot of inspiration when I was fourteen years old and saw it and other cards in a magazine advert. It gave me so much inspiration for a story I was writing, that I sat down and wrote seven short novels in less than a year! That story has since branched off into two different stories, but I’ve had some pretty severe writers’ block and haven’t continued them. I thought that owning the Storm Seeker card might help. And after grabbing one off eBay, it’s worked!

But I didn’t stop there. I snagged two more Magic cards that were going for a dollar each, just because I could. Hard to tell from the pic, but they’re all foil cards so they have a rainbow sheen. Pretty, huh? 😉


Last Friday, the girls and I went to Pacific Mall. My main reason for planning the little trip was to go get a new, alternate mechanical pencil at Curry’s, but that store location has been moved deeper into Markham, and we didn’t really want to spend extra transit (and YRT transit, at that) to get there. We were sad because Curry’s has always been part of our Pacific Mall tradition!

Instead, we visited the Market Village, which is just outside the mall. It’s its own little mall, and has quite an impressive One’s Better Living! I came across these cute pencil cases featuring my three countries:


And then we returned to the main mall to grab dinner (mine consisted of mango green-milk tea, chicken skewers, and the fish balls I so dearly love). I think I may have enjoyed it more than usual, knowing that it was likely my very last time making this trip.


However, it’s difficult to just not know if something is being done for the last time or not, since I have no idea what the outcome of this visa application will be. But we had fun, regardless!

On Saturday, we went to DeSerres and Yorkdale Mall to the Apple store. Anthony wanted to see the new iPhone 7, so we stood there playing with the phones for a little bit.

14573022_10154100400903337_1664743796504868045_nThis particular one is a bit too big for my hand!

At DeSerres, I officially pushed my Copic collection to 20 and above. Look how lovely these colours are together! I’m excited to one day have nothing but these fabulous markers in my collection (although the Spectrum Noir markers have been very good to me).


We then went to Walmart to wait for Ashley to get off work (which is nearby). We played around a wee bit in the Halloween section:

14570377_10154100400973337_7895588034456880583_nProbably the best picture of me ever.

And then I found the most deliciously huge crochet hook EVER. I’m pretty sure I need this.


On Sunday, we went to Susie’s place for a filling Rosh Hashanah dinner. As Susie said Hebrew blessings for a sweet new year and we partook of the wonderful food she had made, the outside contrast increased, making our family time inside that much nicer.

I hope for a sweet new year, indeed.

Our neighbours have moved, and they’ve taken Bailey with them. After weeks of our beloved cat friend coming in for love and food, his absence is painful. We just hope he’s taken better care of from now on.


And now the weekend comes. I hope to hear something about my visa very soon, because Jon and I are getting very anxious!

What’s been going on in your neck of the woods, loves?



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