My Word for 2017 – Healing

Hello, loves. Happy Wednesday, wherever you are in the world! I know we’re now at the end of the month, but I would like to share with you all my word for 2017.

For a couple consecutive Januarys,  I would choose a word that I wanted to embody that year.  Something lovely to aspire to. I wound up falling out of the habit, but I thought it was rather important that I get back into it this year.

My word for this year is healing.

Not healing in the physical sense, but mentally and emotionally.

My mind has really been throwing me for a loop lately, causing me to flounder and flail. My anxiety issues are compounded by ongoing negativity and extremely low self-esteem, and I’m still holding a lot of resentment toward the mental and emotional abuse I endured when I was younger. This past abuse has deeply affected my everyday life, relationships, marriage, and ability to find employment.

I refuse to be a victim to it any longer.

I’m so eager to put it all behind me and heal completely that I’m positively hopping in my seat with excitement.

I’m working harder than ever to heal from the abuse and my inability to truly love and appreciate myself. I’m working to forgive, to heal, to take hold of my life and give it a really long, loving hug. I’m working to build my self-esteem issues and confidence. I feel that if I can do that, I won’t fall apart so easily. I’ll feel as though I’m awesome enough as I am, and so rejection and criticism (especially my own) won’t hit me as hard.

It’s not an easy task. It’s never easy. I know I will fall into old habits and keep doing the same things that have undermined me endless times in the past. I’ll have bad days between the good ones.

But if I keep at it, there will be more good days than bad. And when I can look in the mirror and see ME, and love ME, and not feel all these terrible remnants in my mind anymore, then I know my healing year has been a great success.

I created the above image with some of the amazing graphics you can get at Creative Market. This image will be wherever I can see it throughout the year, reminding me of this main goal of mine.

Do you have a word for this year? Have you had one before? Did it help you have a better year?


Have a wonderful day, lovelies! 🙂




  1. Nige says:

    What a lovely picking a word for the the year let’s hope it work Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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