My Etsy Faves – Summer Edition

Howdy goddesses! Happy Thursday, wherever you are in the world!  I’m here today with my next seasonal installment of Etsy favourites. Etsy is a beloved place of mine, and I could spend hours and countless of thousands of dollars on this dangerous website 😉 Instead of spending ALL THE MONEY, I’ve made a new wish list that I am sharing with you all! Sit back and relax and enjoy checking out my Summer 2015 Etsy Wish List!

I really like the trend of gorgeous, customizable Midori journals, but the price of them has really put me off, so I’ve been looking up Fauxdori journals, which are the same style but not the same brand! 🙂 I really, really love these and they all look good together. I’m not sure what colour I’d choose!il_570xN.779763482_dgfzNeon & Pastel Midori-Style Journal

And Etsy also have tons of accessories and refills to dress up your Midori or Fauxdori and really make it your own.il_570xN.758915452_n3l8Journal Refills for Midori Notebooks by SunLeaves

This is such a nice pattern! I’d love to crochet some of these for my crystals and small craft supplies.il_570xN.668628387_rjv3Yin Yang Jewellery Bowl Crochet Pattern by goolgool

Oohh, lipsticks! 😉 I think this is a great deal but I’m not sure which ones I’d choose. I’m too old for the blues and greens unless it’s for Halloween (although I’d love to have an excuse for Halloween being every day) so I’d think I’d go for Voodoo, Cranberry, and either Passionfruit or Candy Baby.il_570xN.803424660_22ls3 for $12 lipsticks by MBA Cosmetics

I’m a huge fan of Lighane’s art, and I’m really excited about her new colouring book she’s released! I’m probably going to get the PDF version so I can print it out (which is really handy in case I screw up one of the drawings!)il_570xN.811932225_3rppLighane’s Kawaii Colouring Book by LighanesClayArt

This necklace is just too cute! I love minatures, especially when done in polymer clay. I’d love to get into sculpting with clay myself.il_570xN.357427759_l3k2Koi Pond Necklace by grandmathunderpants

Aren’t these adorable? NerdyLittleSecrets have the best and cutest pastel stuff in the world! I’d like to get all three colours for my besties and myself, since they’re our favourite colours!
Pastel Mini Nintendo Controller Necklace by NerdyLittleSecrets

Something else adorable and pretty by NerdyLittleSecrets: this gorgeous headpiece. There’s nowhere for me to wear it, but it’s just fantastic and I wanted to share it!il_570xN.749098974_n7cyPastel Flower Antler Headpiece by NerdyLittleSecrets (the mint/lavender one is linked)

And one more thing from Nerdy! They do amazing mystery bags in various sizes, and you really can’t beat the prices. I’m going to get a Medium or Large one as one of my weight loss goals this fall 🙂
il_570xN.463826694_dkzoMedium Mystery Bag by NerdyLittleSecrets

This one’s rather TMI, but I’d like to switch to cloth pads to be a little greener in this world. Any little thing I can do, really!il_570xN.601857457_pgpjReusable Cloth Pads Start Kit by FemmeCloths 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my summer list of faves! What’s in YOUR Etsy wishlist this season?

Love and light,


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