My Neck of the Woods – Week 3



Hello lovelies! Happy Sunday, wherever you are in the world! What’s been going on in my neck of the woods? Well, not much this week, but you’ll see what I’ve been up to with the photos below! I’ve been working on the girls’ and Susie’s Christmas presents, searching for the perfect gift for Liat’s birthday, and participating in the Livejournal Holiday Wishes community (yes, Livejournal is kind of still a thing!!). Jon’s worked from home all week, and it was nice to have him around despite the fact that he was busy! But now he’s officially on holiday now and has a whole week off, and I’m pretty excited about it!

Today we’re off to Nottingham to explore, stay the night at the Jurys Inn hotel, then on Monday morning attend my interview to get my National Insurance Number (NINo).

Here’s this week’s photo mish-mash! What have you all been up to this week?


Monday, Nov 21

It was a very rainy and chilly start to the week thanks to a storm that’s swept through the country, but it was perfect for creativity! It was the last hurrah for the bronze and copper leaves that were still managing to hang on.image8



Tuesday, Nov 22

The first Christmas card of the year arrived, and it was from my dear friend Cathy!  She also put in a little handmade ornament, as she does every year! Don’t my wizard toads (which the girls gave me) make a nice backdrop? ;Pimage7

Wednesday, Nov 23

I’ve never decorated THIS early before, but I just had to see the little tree I bought at Home Bargains! 🙂 Above it hands an ornament Ma (my adopted mom) made for me about eight years ago.image6

Thursday, Nov 24

My adorable burger cushion was un-stuffed so I could easily fit it into my suitcase. I grabbed a bag of stuffing from Boyes and sewed him back up while watching The Crown last week, and ever since then it’s been the subject of a lot of adoration from anybody who walks in! I’m not really sure what Jon’s doing here… Meditating on the thought of ordering takeaway, perhaps?image5

Friday, Nov 25

American Thanksgiving, a day that’s made me feel a little glum and lonely since moving to Canada and leaving my family behind. At least when I was in Canada, the girls and I would order Festive Specials from Swiss Chalet; it was our little tradition. I wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving, then I started digging out some of my Christmas ornaments. I pulled my Tim Hortons ones right out and put them on my desk, and they reminded me that Timmies is coming to the UK next year! image4


Saturday, Nov 26

Today I received something I’ve been waiting for; a letter from my mother! 🙂 She included some really neat things inside the beautifully decorated main envelope, including some of the family Thanksgiving recipes, and it was a sweet taste of familiarity and home. image3-1


Sunday, Nov 27

As I was cleaning out my purse, I opened my wallet and peered in at the Canadian money I’ve been reluctant to change over. It feels bittersweet, as though it’s my last hold on the country (even though it’s not). I think I’ll be keeping one TTC fare’s worth of it though, just for old time’s sake. Note: TTC fare currently costs $3.25. The golden coins are $1, or loonies, and the silver/golden ones are $2, or toonies. The rest are quarters and part of the reason why I want to keep one is because they have caribou on them!image2-1

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