My Neck of the Woods – September 3

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a good week in your neck of the woods. The Ber months have officially started now, and I’m pleased as punch. I’m currently trying to pull myself out of the mire of non-creativity, non-inspiration, and immense self-doubt in anticipation of the coming autumn, which always makes me more productive. But trying to get out of this sticky, molasses-like rut feels overwhelming. I think some changes are going to be coming to Goddess Within, and they’re going to happen very soon! I will keep you all updated here on the blog.

The weekend saw Alcon, a four-day anime/gaming con that I’d been looking forward to for a couple months now, as well as Leicester Pride. Alcon was held at De Montfort University (where Jon studied), and it was a much closer walk that I’d initially thought. It was good to get the exercise, I’ll tell you that! And I wound up with some nice goodies from the exhibitors and artists on Sunday.  And Leicester Pride was a huge, beautiful festival of diverse love. I missed the parade entirely, and while it was apparently epic and I’m sad I didn’t get to see it, I felt so happy to see that sea of joyous faces among all the fluttering rainbow flags in Victoria Park that it more than made up for that.

And now, here’s the week in photos!


Monday, August 28
After enjoying food at the Caribbean Cookout at Market Square, we walked over to Manhattan 34, which was (for us) pleasantly empty. We drank and chilled as the sun continued moving west. How I love getting to live in the city centre!

Tuesday, August 29
While tidying my craft room, I pulled out the paperwork I’d printed out to get a verification of my landing papers in Canada. I’d lost them ages ago and needed them to apply for Canadian citizenship. But then I made the difficult decision to not apply after all, so I no longer need to send for a verification of status. I am strangely at peace with these unfilled forms and am ready to put them in the recycling box.

Wednesday, August 30
The previous tenants left this hostess cart behind when they left, and I dug it out of the utility room and gave it a bit of a clean as I pondered how to “renovate” it as a crafting cart.

Thursday, August 31
Walking over the River Soar on my way to pick up my wristband at Bede Hall.

Friday, September 1
I found it strange to be a loner at a convention. Because I’m so used to going to conventions with friends, I may not go to another one unless I have some buddies.

Saturday, September 2
My lovely rainbow cake at Leicester Pride!

Sunday, September 3
It’s not chilly enough to wear these yet, but when I saw these slippers peering over at me from the shelf, I had to grab them!

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