My Neck of the Woods – September 24

Hello all, and happy Sunday in your neck of the woods! I would like to wish everyone in the northern hemisphere a blessed autumn, and everyone in the southern hemisphere a bright and beautiful spring. The weather’s been pleasantly grey and mild here, and I’ve taken advantage of it by tackling my anxiety and getting out most days this week. I’ve done a little exploring around home and have brought back some little treasures for the senses. Fall scents, new spices, a sequin-encrusted shoulder bag in shades of red, blush, teal, and silver.

With a few exceptions, the signs of fall aren’t terribly visible just yet (if you ignore the cooler, wilder weather!).

But B&M isn’t the only place to have Christmas stuff out already. John Lewis and TK Maxx are right on the ball:

As much as I love Christmas, this is still a bit too early for me! Autumn has only just begun, and I’m more than ready to fill it full of all the lovely things the season has to offer.

Here’s the week in photos!

Monday, September 18
Wandering into the Silver Arcade on my exploration of the city centre, and trying to resist that nice yarn shop to the left–!

Tuesday, September 19
I walked down to Lidl to do food shopping, and they had some neat baking stuff on special this week. I think they know me too well, because I nabbed these as soon as I saw them.

Wednesday, September 20
While browsing Tiger to find more interesting herbs and spices for the kitchen, I came across dried lavender. Hooray! I’d been wanting some for a while, mainly due to this recipe in one of my little Mary Berry recipe books I got at a Burton charity shop back in January.

Thursday, September 21
As you’ll see in coming blog posts, I’ve gotten eyeballs-deep into bullet journaling/planning. I’ve been drooling over different planner shops on Etsy for a couple of months, and I finally ordered two washi tapes from one of the shops. I’m looking forward to using these, especially the autumn one!

Friday, September 22
It was a peaceful afternoon to join the library and walk around the city centre in between the raindrops.

Saturday, September 23
Spices ready for the paneer pie I made this afternoon. Chilli powder, turmeric, and garam masala make a nice warm palette! 

Sunday, September 24
I was pleased to see that TK Maxx has some great autumn treasures. Pumpkin and chai tea scents filling our home? Why, yes, please!

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