My Neck of the Woods – September 17

Hello friends! Happy Sunday in your neck of the woods!

In my neck of the woods, I’m still riding the high of autumn-induced excitement even though the season doesn’t officially begin for a few more days! I’ve acquired yarn with which to decorate our flat with crocheted leaves and pumpkins, and when I went to Lidl on Monday they had cute fall decorations! Of COURSE I bought one of each. The clothing and accessory shops are now full of fall and winter items. I’ve been wandering around them most of the week, admiring all the textures, the patterns, and the layering. I’m not exactly a fashionista but autumn is my favourite time of year for coordinating outfits and jewellery.

I never get that spring cleaning bug in my system, but instead I get the fall cleaning bug. I’ve been very cheerfully scrubbing our apartment and organizing my craft room and desk, the latter of which I promptly covered in Christmas craft odds and ends so I could work on a project. Well, at least it’s all tidy underneath?

Another symptom of my chill-weather happiness is cooking and baking, which I’ve really been getting into in my nice little kitchen! It’s hard not to snap up interesting cookbooks from The Works, and I’ve already made it out of there with three to add to the collection… Oh well.

The weather’s been wildly unpredictable, as British weather can be well-known for. Blue skies are quickly interrupted by looming, ragged black clouds that bring five or ten minutes of cold rain and wind, and then the sun’s out again only to be covered by another raincloud of random size. When I leave the house these days I’ve almost always got both my sunglasses and my umbrella on me! On Monday I barely made it into Lidl before the sky ripped loose and started roaring on top of the store’s flat roof, and good thing because I would’ve gotten soaked even with my umbrella. Yeesh.

Jon and I both love how the sky can look from our windows…

And here’s the week in photos!


Monday, September 11
Pyracantha berries outside St. George’s Retail Park, which is right across from Lidl.

Tuesday, September 12
Another view of the sideboard, this time with a fall garland from Lidl!

Wednesday, September 13
I so love being a few minutes’ walk away from the clock tower and all the surrounding shops.

Thursday, September 14
I may or may not be in love with the embroidered boots trend. They speak to  my soul but I’m not sure whether to indulge them!

Friday, September 15
One of today’s recipes was saffron rasgulla, from the book The Cardamom Trail by Chetna Makan. It involved curdling saffron-laced milk, draining the curds and then shaping them into a dough, then cooking them in a simple syrup. I found them to be quite tasty and fragrant!

Saturday, September 16
Working on Christmas themed pocket letters for two special ladies!

Sunday, September 17
This tea cart, left behind by the previous tenants, is scheduled for a creative renovation soon. For now its serving its permanent purpose as my craft cart, and it isn’t quite crammed full yet but it’s getting there!

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