My Neck of the Woods – September 10

Hello all! Happy Sunday in your neck of the woods! This week has brought cooler weather, sullen grey clouds, and some rain and chill breezes. I think summer is definitely over at this point! I’ve got that excited autumn buzz going on, and it’s making me quite cheerful and content. I’ve been searching high and low for autumn decorations to put all over the apartment, but other than some loose fabric leaves I found at The Works, I’ve come up empty-handed. So my solution is to just MAKE all my decorations. I know where to find yarn and I’m not afraid to use it!

Here’s the week in photos!


Monday, September 4
Hello clouds! Bring it on, I’m ready for you!

Tuesday, September 5
Today I took a stroll to The Works, where I grabbed a few Christmas-themed craft supplies, some autumn leaves, and this awesome book. Afterwards, Amelia and Jon met me at Subway and we grabbed some dinner just before black clouds brought us some pouring rain.

Wednesday, September 6
The autumn leaves I bought at The Works now look nice on our sideboard!

Thursday, September 7
I took a walk down to St. George’s Retail Park today and timed myself to see how far away it actually was. It’s only a nine minute walk, which surprised me! But all the better, because there’s a B&M there and I like having one so close to home. But they’re not holding back and have put out their Christmas stuff already!

Friday, September 8
I still need to maneuver around to clean the outside of the windows more thoroughly, but at least they’re a bit better than they were and we can see some lovely skies from them!

Saturday, September 9
Defrosting a freezer is a bit of a nightmare if it’s never really been done before. The previous tenants never took care of this one, and it was almost covered in solid layers of ice over an inch thick. We could barely open the drawers! It took nearly 48 hours and a lot of towels, cloths, boiling water, and the work of a hair dryer (used at a safe distance), but we finally got it done! Now I just need to wipe it down and we’ll have a problem-free freezer (for now).

Sunday, September 10
Catching up on some crochet while Matt and Keyes visit! If you’re curious about the Marigold pattern, you can find it by clicking *here*.


  1. Stacy says:

    As much as I love bright and sunny days, I really can’t help but feel completely at peace under the gray skies of Autumn. Isn’t decorating at this time of year just the best?

    I just broke out my fall decoration this week, and many of them are things I made myself last year. I’m a sucker for fake fall leaves and sunflowers. Hopefully doing more fall crafts soon!

    • Mary says:

      Same here! I feel my best and my happiest in autumn, and it’s been that way ever since I can remember! Ooh, I’m a sucker for fake fall leaves and sunflowers as well. I really want to find some LONG garlands of sunflowers and leaves that will fit in the big windowsills, but I might just have to crochet them myself 😉

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