My Neck of the Woods – October 8


Hello everyone! Happy Sunday in your neck of the woods. This week has been full of fall beauty and creative happenings. Autumn is gently progressing through the city, and it’s making my walks even more enjoyable. Yellow leaves strewn on the ground, oft-grey skies with cool rainshowers, and although darkness falls very fast and soon now, I’m still enjoying it. Here’s a couple of pictures from New Walk on Saturday morning:

 I’ve attended a few events for the Everybody’s Reading Festival. Next year I’d like to do more and make an in-depth blog series about it, but I’m quite pleased with what I did do this week!

All week, The Exchange were accepting poems about beloved coffee (or tea, or chai lattes, or hot chocolate), which were gathered together and read in an open mic poetry reading this evening. In return, you’d get a free hot drink of your choice. I went in on Thursday, wrote a little love poem about chai lattes, and I got a nice big chai latte in return.

Friday evening was Postcards from Leicester, an event at the Clock Tower. Since 2015, people have been gathering there for an hour every Friday in the name of peace. Chalked messages were written on the pavement, and messages to Leicester and the world were written and pinned to big maps. There were also special postcards to take and send with messages from the people of Leicester.

On Saturday evening, I went to an event at The Exchange, hosted by Little Bird SOS. It was called A Sense of Impermanence and was a laid-back opportunity to do a little self-healing while creating something.

Using spoken words and tales as imagery, we all had one minute to draw or write whatever words and images were in our minds. After the minute was up, everyone would move into a different seat, and another prompt was given. This way, every person there had a turn at every piece of paper in a big collaboration. When we were done, we got to go look at all the finished papers and take pictures of them. Here are a few of them:

We paused for some fresh fruit and free drinks, then sat down and were handed strips of rice paper. With food-safe pens, we wrote what words were lingering in our minds after all that had been said to us during the art phase. And then we were directed to literally eat our words!

Then it was time to bring out baskets bursting with treat bags full of materials that we would be using to sculpt and build on top of our papers. To drive home the sense of impermanence, one of the organizers went out and foraged for all our supplies, so they were all natural and won’t last for long. Instead of glue, we used clay to adhere things together. Again, we would have to change up our seats and work with different materials for every piece of paper, so in the end all the papers were a work shared by all of us. The materials ranged from feathers, berries and chestnuts to leaves, eggshells and lavender buds, and the room was filled with the combined scent of rosemary, lavender, and dry leaves that even an Exchange employee came in and remarked on how lovely it smelled.

And then came the part that was hard for a few people in the room. We had to destroy our works. Rip it, smash it, crumble it up and throw it all in a bin for garden mulch. It felt so liberating! I’m so glad I went, despite my anxiety at the start.

And now, here’s the week in photos!

Monday, October 2
I have FINALLY finished this pizza scarf! I’ve only had Twinkie-Chan’s book for six years…

Tuesday, October 3
Elaine, Graham, and Amelia came to visit us today and we got Chinese for dinner.

Wednesday, October 4
Fallen leaves are already everywhere!

Thursday, October 5
Not my writing, but it’s my favourite!

Friday, October 6
One of the messages at the Clock Tower this evening.

Saturday, October 7

Sunday, October 8
Waiting on lunch at The Globe, where I met up with Jon and friends after I went to Lidl to pick up a few kitchen items on special (including a combination stand/hand mixer).

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